2020 and 2021 have been challenging for us all and I thank you for your support and commitment.

We have continued to have events where possible and those who have attended have had enjoyable times.

Main Functions in 2021:

March 11, International Women’s Day Breakfast

This event was held at The Southport Golf Club and was a resounding success.

Our Guest Speaker was Dr Robyn Cameron.

Robyn is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Engagement in the Department of Accounting Finance and Economics with the Griffith Business School.

Outside of Academia, Robyn’s passion lies with fundraising for breast cancer research. She is the founder of the ‘Pink Ribbon Cup Raceday’ held annually at the Gold Coast Turf Club here on the Gold Coast.

27 of our members attended and a profit was made for our Scholarship Fund.

June 8, World Environment Day Cocktail Party

Our next event was a Cocktail Party for World Environment Day held at the Southport Golf Club and all attending enjoyed our Guest Speaker as well as the social aspects of the evening.

Our Guest Speaker, in tune with the theme, BIODIVERSITY & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT was Amy Degenhart.

As Director of degenhartSHEDD, Amy has over 30 years of experience designing homes and communities in southeast Queensland. Now, as the founder of Bubbl Up and Urban Pure, she is focused on creating tiny-lot and mixed-use housing.

She believes these are key to solving the issue of housing affordability – and doing so in a way that not only benefits buyers’ wallets but also contributes positively to their lifestyles and communities. Indeed, Bubbl Up’s award-winning project, ENVI Micro Urban Village, is recognised by both industry leaders and popular media as pioneering proof of the potential of urban infill small-lot housing, and Amy has new micro-lot projects underway in Fitzgibbon Chase and Slacks Creek.

While she has won numerous awards throughout her career, She is most proud of her contributions to the local and design communities, including her role in setting standards for sustainable development, architectural education, and local planning through various industry advisory groups.

28 of our members attended and a healthy profit was made for our Scholarship Fund.

Our 2020 AGM was held on Sunday, September 27 at the home of Carol Little due to Covid Restrictions.

The following members were elected to the new committee for 2020/2021.

President/CIR:                                  Carol Little

Vice President:                                 Jacqueline Marchant

Hon Secretary:                                  Patricia Ruzzene

Hon Treasurer:                                 Diane Chetham

Hon. Membership Registrar:           Margaret Prentice                     

Committee:                                        Aileen Pidgeon

Book Interest Group:                       Margaret Hamilton

Committee (FFI):                               Carole Crowther

Annual Christmas Party, December 10, 2020

Our final event for the year 2020 was our annual Christmas Party. This function was held at the Southport Golf Club. Our members enjoy this venue with its convenient location and ample parking. There were 39 attendees and all enjoyed the evening.


Due to Covid Restrictions, there were no face-to-face presentations in 2020.

Sybil AM Vise Award

No recipient was awarded this year.

The Isobel Taylor Award 

The recipient of the 2019 Academic Year’s award presented in 2020 was  Erin Fitzpatrick.

Sisters for Success

This program is currently on hold due to Covid restrictions.

Communications and Web Site

During the year there have been many changes to our web site and methods of communication. The website has been updated and is constantly in a state of change due to the many hours contributed by Melissa. All events are listed, photos are uploaded and even our latest membership form can be accessed online, completed, and returned. 

Memberships – Fees and Changes

These are included on our new membership form.

Carol Little – President/Gold Coast Branch