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Thank you for your interest in the Gold Coast Branch of Graduate Women Qld. Members are committed to:

  • the promotion of friendship and understanding among women of the world irrespective of their race, nationality, religion or political opinions
  • the right of women and girls to reach their full potential through education
  • lifelong education of women and girls
  • peace, justice and equality
  • the recognition and protection of human rights

Membership of the Branch entitles you to:

  • attend local, state, national and international functions and activities including conferences and seminars
  • apply for GWI scholarships
  • receive state and national newsletters
  • be affiliated with the National Council of AFGW through your local branch

Who Can Join?

The Gold Coast Branch of Graduate Women Qld welcomes all women who support its purposes and objectives.

Membership is open to all women who hold a degree, diploma or equivalent qualification from a University or recognised tertiary institution in Australia or overseas. (Employment in a University or any other location is not a requirement.) Degrees, diplomas or equivalent qualifications that are awarded by a university or equivalent institution in any country are recognised as a qualification for membership.  Members enjoy automatic membership of GWQ Inc., AFGW Inc. and GWI – the Federation’s state, federal and international bodies.  Before joining you are welcome to attend a few meetings.

To Join:

All membership applications are reviewed  by the  selection panel of Graduate Women Queensland Inc.
Successful applicants will be notified by Graduate Women Q’ld Inc Gold Coast Branch (in conjunction with the state body).
Please click on the relevant form below.
NB Please refer to and follow instructions (as outlined on the form) re payment and form remittance.

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