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PO BOX 1150
Q 4215


TIME;           2pm
DATE;         Sunday 23rd September 2018
VENUE;      Southport Community Centre (1st floor conference room),  Lawson St, Southport (car park entrance off Garden St).

NB  If parking in this centre car park a correctly dated parking notice must be displayed on windscreen.
This parking notice will be distributed to membership prior to this date.
Also members are reminded that Gold Coast light rail passes very close to the Community Centre and is just a short walk away.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Considering changes of key members of the Branch’s various   sub committees, I have collated all reports (except of course the Hon Treasurer’s Report) into this one President’s Report. This report is based on the Gold Coast Branch’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan (this Strategic Plan and all committee Role/Job descriptions are on our web site).      graduatewomengoldcoast.org.au    Password is 2018gold.


Given that my term as Presidency concludes during our Gold Coast Branch’s 40th year celebrations, and the fact that our Gold Coast Branch very successfully hosted the AFGW triennial conference just this month (when  historical decisions were  reached in a very collaborative and non confrontational manner)  I have taken the liberty of sharing a little history since I joined the Branch in 2007 following the death of late Husband John in 2005.  I was looking for intellectual stimulation – nothing else.  I had tried U3A however that experience did not prove pertinent to my needs at that particular time.  Fortunately a church member Lilian Derick(who subsequently became a Gold Coast President) informed me  about our Branch.  I, like many women who I have since met – had never heard of our Grad Women international/,national /state and local networks.

After joining I was (believe me I have never volunteered) co opted into acting and then the role of Hon Treasurer (a background that was completely foreign to me).  I took over this role from  our long time member who joined in NSW)  and current Book Club Convenor  Joan Jennings who is also, like myself,  stepping down at this AGM).

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was subsequently catapulted (again there was never any volunteering on my part) to the role of Acting President until my predecessor Carole Crowther’s circumstances enabled her to take over the President’s role from 2012-2015.

2012/2013 I undertook an on line  university re entry course to regain my Nursing  Registration following the time out to nurse my late Husband at home – I had been  his full time carer for 3 years.   In the middle of this intense course I attended the

AFGW triennial conference hosted by GWQ Inc at UQ.  During that 2 day conference I was lucky to enjoy a great address entitled The “Why Bother “ Question by a previous AFGW and Q’ld President Helen McBride (now member of the Sunshine Coast Branch).  This address included the quote “those who cannot remember the past cannot create the future with confidence” (George Santayana,) and a quote(which lives on my fridge door and inspires me daily)  by Florence Nightingale the founder of modern day nursing ( remember the Crimean War 1853-56 when she took a band of English nurses to the Crimean Peninsula  and dramatically cut  wounded soldiers survival rates).     “For we who nurse, our nursing is something which, unless we are making progress  every year, every month, every week, we are going backwards.  No system shall endure which does not march”.

Celebrating our 40th year birthday is an amazing achievement and we remember and honour all those women who  have left us a worthy legacy built on their succeeding efforts, achievements , dedication, and foresight to allow  us all to enjoy our Branch today.    In 2017 at our International Women’s Breakfast we  published and launched our book “Determination and opportunity- the making of an educated woman” featuring some 40 members a few of which have now sadly passed away – however I am sure their families treasure this book to remind them of their loved one.  First of all thanks go to the Sunshine Coast Branch for sharing their publications so we were able to gauge some idea on how to go about this project.

Thanks to  member (and family) of Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell (former Gold Coast Branch committee member and former  GWQ Inc Education Officer who’s ASEPT programme (Australian Secondary Education for Parenting (both F and M) Teenagers)  was subsequently endorsed by AFGW) for formatting the text and photos.(Who also initially funded this project and was subsequently reimbursed  by the Branch following  member sales.    Now every copy that is sold( at the  price of $30 per 1st copy  and $25 per copy for subsequent purchases)  (these funds raised) are  funnelled straight into our bursary account. ( NB    50    copies remain of this first edition.)

NB   I have    112    Gold Coast Branch advertising “book marks” containing our  Gold coast Branch contact details remaining and various members have a supply in their handbags in case they meet up with a potential member or get enquiries from the general public re our Branch.

NB   I always try and remember to (a)  ensure that our Gold Coast pull up banner(this banner lives in the boot of my car and I will need to hand it over to the incoming executive)  is on prominent display for photo and advertising purposes (b)  and that our colourful  advertising book marks are always “fanned” out for display  on the dinner tables .

I have tried in the past to organize for members to hand out our book mark advertising material plus displaying our banner with the goal of attracting new members  during university open/  information days – however perhaps this may or may not be a realistic goal in the current university climate.  Again may be something for the incoming committee of management to consider.

Both our bio book and our advertising book marks were  published at Snap Printing Scarborough St Southport and they also have all the art work at their business).  When all the bio books are sold around $1500  can  be funnelled direct into our  bursary fund ).  It cost Vivienne around $1600 (from memory) that she paid Snap printing direct (and as mentioned previously was subsequently reimbursed quickly following the successful sale of approximately 50 copies – as  ordered just 100 copies in the initial 1st edition .  NB I have the original copyright documentation which will be archived .  NB Carole Crowther has suggested that all Branch archived material (some at member Carole Byron’s residence and I have a significant amount at my place (and I am sure Carole Crowther would have a big supply given she is writing the Branch History)  be archived in a storage facility and that the rent be paid by The Gold Coast Branch.  On this note I had some time back  investigated placing all archived material at Southport Municipal Library in air conditioned space – however I understand the librarian to inform me that by doing this any member of the public would have access to our material.  Something for the incoming committee of management to consider.  Also I have a list of errors and omissions relayed to me by a couple of our members that need to be rectified before publishing the next  bio book edition).

Thanks also to  Joan Jennings and her daughter and Marion R Jones for editing the text.  Our publication was launched at our International Women’s Day Breakfast in 2017. The Branch has plans to publish a further edition in the future to feature the bios of members joining in recent times.

Planning is underway to hopefully launch our Branch History by an   original committee member Carole Crowther at this year’s Christmas Party and if this is not possible we will wait until 2019 International Women’s Day breakfast (8th  March 2019).

NB Jane Baker AFGW current President mentioned to me at the recent AFGW Triennial Conference that she would appreciate being informed of the Gold Coast Branch History date launch as she wishes to personally attend.

Instead of focusing on the “ain’t it awful” side of contemporary life let us celebrate the awesome synergy and magic  that happens when like minded women support one another in  encouraging  life long learning, after having enjoyed the privilege of an education, and  in turn give  back to our Gold Coast community of their individual and unique talents. My 2 mantras that I have tried to operate my presidency by are )1) firm, fair, flexible and discreet and (2) concentrate on trying to improve my relationships with members by showing  love, respect good communication and show forgiveness (to both other member and myself).

I believe the heart of our Branch’s strength is the coming together of women from so many diversified disciplines and backgrounds.  I have learnt so much from my fellow members about subjects that I had never been exposed to before.  e.g. Having belonged to the Book Club(and been a book worm all my life)  I learnt a great deal  from the primary and high school teachers and from other members.

There is no doubt in my mind that the aims and objectives of our Branch are relevant and necessary in promoting  Gold Coast social cohesion and connectedness whilst providing  friendship and support to a great many women from varying age groups and life stages.

Following on from the highly successful Gold Coast hosting of the AFGW (Australian Federation Graduate Women) Triennial Conference and AGM ( September 2018) – soon to be renamed Australian Graduate Women

(AGW) together with much needed constitutional change reflecting grass roots member’s choice of belonging to the national/international bodies  now  has the potential of attracting new members not lease due to the greatly reduced fee structure. __________________________________________________________________________________________

VICE PRESIDENTS   2017-2018 – Dr Silvia Nelson (SCUGC – faculty Southern Cross University Gold Coast) and Dr Aileen Pidgeon (Bond University)

It has been very helpful to have their overall experience/ expertise/wisdom  in the context of having first hand knowledge of the current reality of teaching in the pressure cooker environment of Gold Coast Universities.

I thank them both most sincerely for their support and time spent in collaborating in  writing the role description for “Vice President”.  Our Branch has worked hard to launch another sub branch at Griffith University Gold Coast Branch. This initiative was ably begun by my predecessor Carole Crowther, fostered  by myself in my term and I am hopeful this goal will be achieved during the next 12 months.


A big thank you to Lyn Reynolds and more recently to  Maggie Rathborne who like us all have both faced their individual challenges  thus leaving the Branch without an Honorary Secretary for the past 12 months.  Also to our Marion R Jones who helps out/teaches minute taking/formatting at our AGM’s. I thank them both Lyn and Maggie  in collaborating to  write  the role description for “Honorary Secretary”


(Please refer to Diane Chetham’s report)

One of the most important aspects of running any entirely voluntary and not for profit organisations such as ours, is the meticulous accountability required for the handling of all monies received and paid.

This Branch has been very fortunate in having Diane Chetham in this role.  Others and myself who step in an acting capacity in cases of absences for travel/illness etc are so thankful to hand the reins back to her and I thank her most sincerely for her support and in trying to decipher my amateur attempts regarding “treasuring” for social events.

(Thank goodness our Carole Crowther taught me a long time ago how to pre write receipts, have a float, and to have an individual envelope for attendees monies if paying in cash and the running of raffles for our social events.

( It is oh so much easier if members are able to prepay on the net straight into our Heritage Bank Account).


Our Gold Coast Branch took over recording and receiving our yearly membership dues and new membership applications from 1st July 2017.( I understand this was the case quite a long time ago but then lapsed).

The Membership Committee consisted of   –
Inaugural Membership Registrar –  Margaret Prentice
Honorary Treasurer                       –   Diane Chetham
President                                      –   myself.

The move to this process has resulted in I believe a better knowledge of keeping tabs on our membership and in particular individual member’s contact details and a far better knowledge of real time capitation fees to help in the forwarding planning of our Branch finances. Thank you Margaret P and  Diane C – great collaboration.

This change would not have been possible without the encouragement support and expertise of  our Branch member and Q’ld Branch Honorary Membership Registrar Dr Del Doherty.( How she has manages to keep track of our Q’ld Branch membership continues to amaze me).

Thanks also to our Branch member Dalma Jacobs and international CIR (Co-ordinator for International  and national relations) for helping me to rejig the original membership formatting. ( Uncertainty surrounding  the amount of subscriptions  to be charged in light of the future of the international and national bodies) plus the fact of the Sub Branch formed at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus and dealing with  my far less than proficient IT skills would try the patience of a saint.

Thanks also to Q’ld Branch Honorary Treasurer Fiona Rhode for liaising with me to arrive at an acceptable 2018-2019 membership form in light of all the above considerations.

NB RE NEW MEMBER BADGE ORDERING PROCESS  – (1) Ask the new member to write down the name they wish to be addressed by (by them writing it down one gets the spelling and any shortening of their name) (2) ask them if they prefer a pin or magnet type badge (and remind them e.g. if they have a pace maker a pin may be a wise preference (3) always have a receipt book – I keep separate little badge  receipt book  on hand in a special little bag and if they have $10( that price is for both  pin or magnet)cash on

them ideal (4) Let them know that the badge will be posted to them as soon as it is ready for pick up.(5)  I have found that posting the badge to them direct at their home address  is the most efficient and effective to get their badge to them asap.(6)  Write their contact details on the receipt so when the time comes to pick up the badge from the badge business you have that information ( otherwise you may not see that person for months due to any number of reasons). (7)  I then email the request to our badge business “Allsports Trophy Centre “ Kara and Troy Perdue 6/20 Scarborough St Southport Q 4215  Ph/Fax  (07) 5532 5987 E: astc@bigpond.net.au  they are very obliging and quick –they have made all our badges including committee ones for years – will take our branch cheque for payment –  (their premises are  up concrete flight of  stairs then  turn left . ( they are just about opposite Westpac Nab banks i.e. and are  just adjacent to the light rail stop of Southport South on opposite side of banks and Gold Coast Little Theatre).  If I deposit cash at the Heritage bank I just mark name badges on the receipt for auditing purposes.

WEB SITE MANAGER – Melissa Loughridge.

Thanks to Mel for taking  over from our long time Branch member and national scholarships convenor Marion A Jones who had initiated the set up of our original Branch web site. This initial web site has been the catalyst for the Branch’s ongoing success and we will always be very grateful to our Marion A for this.

As Mel is a full time teacher and has a young family to manage I have co-ordinated the necessary updates to our website  in light of my being  mindful of the necessity in allowing  her to manage her time (and to try not overwhelm her regarding Branch business).

She has borne my attempts to convey the necessary changes/updates/additions to  this or that document with her   inimitable good natured patience.

Thank goodness Mel, her  mother and Branch member Carol Little  and others possess excellent IT skills to enhance our web site for the future  promotion  and expansion of our Branch..  (There is need to remember here that the Branch now has an advertising “book mark” to give to potential members who then have the necessary information to join on line”.  A supply of these book marks can be kept in one’s handbag.  (Thanks to Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell and Carole Crowther in helping to bring this project to fruition).

Thanks also to Q’ld Branch member Jacky Cribb, who together with Mel,  are undertaking an upgrade of Graduate Women Qld Inc’s web site and to include  all of its branches.

Finally Social Media Guidelines are on our web site to help in promoting respectful and safe Facebook communication – comments – between members – however this Facebook facility needs to be managed on a regular basis i.e. comments responded to.


In her role as  Convenor, Carole Crowther has done a splendid job in managing this integral Gold Coast Branch commitment. Thank you to past panel members Jennifer Rakauskas and Carole Byron for their valuable inpur.

She has organized the process of  application, interviewing, awarding (and the close monitoring process   of  the successful winner/s’  obligations to validate how they  are spending their award bursary money) in a meticulous and worthy manner.

This process I understand is based on the AFUW and FFI (Fellowships Fund Inc) a branch of Graduate Women Q’ld Inc strict guidelines.

Carole Crowther has used her personal PO Box ,  personal email address as contact details on our web site. Due to Carole’s recent personal circumstances, which necessitated her inability to fill her role as convenor, I stepped into this role. I used my personal email and my personal  PO Box details( which is the “ official”  Gold Coast Branch PO Box  (appearing on our web site).

(PLEASE NOTE FOR THE INCOMING COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT ‘S PLANNING/INFORMATION-  ( I pay for the annual cost and am happy to continue to do so if required). ?consideration be given for a generic web email address  to aid in future changes?

This “official” PO Box 1150 appears on our Gold Coast Letterhead,  is the “official” P O Box contact published in our Bio Book “Determination and opportunity – the making of an educated woman” , advertising “book mark” and  is the  “official”  PO Box  contact/mailing address for all our Membership Application and Renewal Subscription Forms).

(For    the last round of bursary applications in 2018 –  I stepped in as the contact person, organized Dr Mary Crawford  Dr Miranda Mortlock (both Gold Coast Branch members)  Miranda’s daughter and Q’ld Branch Hon Secretary)  Amie Khosla (a doctoral candidate) as interviewers ( and myself to sit on the panel  as  a resource(meet  and greet) and the provider of refreshments on the day person) so I could  order to maintain impartiality.    There were no applications received – ?which indicates the need for future intensive advertising strategies? )

Carole Crowther  has liaised with our Web Site Manager Mel Loughridge in  updating  our   Branch web site details to reflect the closing date of applications so the Scholarships Sub Committee can then set a date to interview selected candidates. (We have interviewed applicants on a Saturday afternoon, staggered the interview times, met them individually in a waiting room,   interviewed them in a suitable private room provided them with a “cuppa” and light refreshments  and have used  the public  Southport Community Centre – as this venue is adjacent to the Gold Coast light rail.

As having had the privilege to sit on the selection panels  – it has been a highlight of my Presidency to meet and hear these inspiring, talented, tenacious( and in many cases be acquainted with  the daily challenges they face in overcoming  the seemingly  impossible  obstacles  ) to achieve their educational goals.

Thank goodness past members had initially donated their own money to begin to grow and further  bursary programme and take the pressure off the social committee of the day in raising enough  monies to fund the Branch’s bursary programme into the future.

Today our Branch has a very healthy bank balance in the vicinity of over $20000. (Please see current Hon Treasurer Diane Chetham’s report for details).

Our Branch is very grateful for receiving planned (e.g. an  amount of $3000per year  for  3 years)  which has now morphed into giving us   ad hoc funds from our Q’ld Branch and FFI Inc (Fellowships Fund Inc) given the loss of funds raised in the past by the voluntary GWQ and GWQGC member participation in the gowning of graduands in university graduation ceremonies). Universities now hire private contractors to handle all aspects of  their graduating ceremonies including the selling of, and hiring of academic regalia resulting in the “drying up” of this souce of income to us.

(NB Incoming committee please note that our Scholarships committee has found  there is a perennial frustrating and time consuming communication problem caused by the understandable change of personnel at both the individual university and branch level.

Listed below is the current list of bursaries presented by the President of the day to successful awardees.

NB (Good opportunity for photos taken on the dais with the university dignity, the awardee and  the President of the day) to be uploaded onto our web site – (My experience as current President is as  I get to sit beside the recipient, before the ceremony begins) I ttake this  opportunity of obtaining their contact details, and gain their verbal permission for their photo to be uploaded onto our web site and I always give them our advertising “book mark” which sets out our aims and objectives, our contact details in case they, or folk they know may wish to join the branch.  On returning home that night I write their contact details onto our Branch membership list and in that way the Branch can keep track of them on our mailing list – they may in the future join the Branch and attend our social functions. They have in the past been invited to speak at one of our dinners – and in that way our members get to meet them and to hear their stories. After the ceremony there is a jolly and joyful cocktail like affair – great socializing/net working  opportunity e.g. to meet the recipient their family and other university faculty and alumni.

(1)   Griffith University Gold Coast Campus  (NB Planning in place to launch a Sub Branch in near future)

“The Elizabeth Taylor Award” – awarded to the top graduating female student in education faculty.

Current amount ?$250  or? $200  A branch cheque is presented with a certificate/plaque (the latter is provided by Uni.).

(This award was named after the inaugural Branch President – an innovative educator of her day.)

It would be  best to liaise  directly with Griffith to ensure that the Branch President and Scholarships Committee is aware of the date time and venue of the award ceremony – I think this occurs during early part of the year.

NB Our Gold Coast Branch is listed in the official programme as an award sponsor.


(2)   Bond University (Gold Coast)

“The Sybil A.M Vise Award” – awarded to the top graduating female student in the social sciences faculty.

Current amount is ?$200or ?$250  A branch cheque  is presented with a certificate/plaque (the latter is provided by Uni).

(This award was named after the inaugural 2nd Vice Branch President – also an innovative educator of her day).

Again it would be best to liaise direct with Bond to ensure that the Branch President and Scholarships Committee is aware of the time  and venue of the award ceremony(? “Deans Award ceremony”)

NB Our Gold Coast Branch is listed in the official programme as an award sponsor.

FYI The family of the late Sybil A M Vise donated the amount of $5000  the  interest goes towards the funding of this annual award.

NB Likewise I have used the same “modus operandi” to meet the Bond Uni recipient (see note above) and again there is a great opportunity of “meet and greet” after this ceremony at the social function.


(3)   Southern Cross University (Gold Coast Campus)

FYI This sub branch was formed on 27/8/2016) see web site for details including bio of our present Q’ld Graduate Women Inc President Dr Mary Crawford

“The Dr Mary Crawford Community Leadership Award”- (the  inaugural)  was  awarded in 2017.

NB The Scholarships Committee will be notified by myself for the 2018 date(  as I have communicated with

Dr Sally Sargeant (Associate Professor and Deputy Dean of Health and Human Services SCU (via email) .on 12/9/2018 ). sally.sargeant@scu.edu.au T:5589 3060 (M) 0438131668 (per web site)

( Her  phone number is a Gold Coast one – not a Lismore based one) and I have requested a reply by 30/9/2018


(4)   The Keebra Park State International High School in conjunction with the MCCGC (Multicultural

Communities Gold Coast) Marie Daix from MCCGC liaises with the Head of the International Section of this high school and will  advise the Gold Coast Branch President of the time and date of this ceremony.

It is presented to the graduating grade 12 girl student from a CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse background) who has excelled both in  academic achievement and community involvement.

I had the great pleasure of presenting this  inaugural  award (with a Branch cheque for $250 and a Branch certificate (beautifully crafted by our Carole Crowther) to the recipient in front of the entire Keebra Park student assembly.

Again I will advise the incoming scholarships committee of the time and date – Marie Daix is advising me as soon as this can be organized. Her contact email is  maried@mccgc.com.au

(NB The CEO of MCCGC is our member Sue Graham  sueg@mccgc.com.au who initially spoke at our IWD breakfast in 2017 and subsequently joined the Branch).

Furthermore on International Women’s Day 2018 8th March our Gold Coast Branch was invited by MCCGC (I had been requested by Marie Daix to write a letter of support as Branch President as they were applying for a  Q’ld State Government grant to run a programme at MCCGC headquarters at Ashmore (northern suburb of  Gold Coast City).  I did this and consequently our Branch was requested to  have 3 of our members present a short seminar to the some 30 girls from selected State Secondary Schools – selected by their teachers who recommended them  for both their academic  and community spirited approach .

This highly successful day was named “Sisters for Success”.  I was asked to give an introduction and gave a short history of our Gold Coast Branch (aims and objectives of our organisation)  and how our Branch had recently forged connections with the multi cultural community here on the Gold Coast.  I told them a short story how I knew Sue Graham MCCGC CEO was a registered nurse like myself.   I had never  met her until I was invited by SCUGC original co-ordinator Lesley Bryant to the annual  multicultural awareness march  ( harmony day )  through the Broadwater Parklands.     I then contacted her and over a cup of tea invited her to see how our respective organisations could be mutually connected. The outcome was that  Sue was the key note speaker at our 2017  IWD and informed us about her organisation  which I personally knew nothing about.  Our Gold Coast members Dr Aileen Pidgeon, Dr Miranda Mortlock doctoral candidate and GWQ Inc Hon Sec Amie Khosla each gave the girls present a short uplifting talk  regarding their backgrounds and answered questions.  All and all it was a most inspiring day for all present.  I have told Marie Daix (see her contact details regarding our Branch now awarding an annual bursary to the most multi cultural high school here on the Gold Coast – Keebra Park High School which incorporates  its  international school) to please remain in contact with us so this new liaison between both organisations may continue and hopefully the Sisters for Success IWD may be held annually.

The incoming committee may wish to explore the idea of instituting a process by which members may give bequests to our Gold Coast Branch  to thereby fund future bursaries.


Careful planning and organizing is,  and will always remain, I believe,   an  integral consideration in keeping our Branch vibrant to  meet the needs and wishes of prospective members in the joining  and then remaining a satisfied member for the  long term.   It  may well  be  that a  member will  make  a commitment for a certain period of time and for a particular project or event they are interested in then move onto other interests that takes their fancy.

In general, members stage of life (student, early, mid,  late career and onto their retirement  years ) may well influence their ability and wish to participate in our branch calendar of events.

In the future it may be that given members individual circumstances, e.g . family,work study travel leisure exercise commitments to name a few, folk may wish to become involved in one particular social or a planned seminar event.

(I became aware of this idea after listening to the CEO Richard Patterson of Gold Coast Volunteering speak at the Gold Coast Citizenship Awards ceremony (when our Carole Crowther received her community award) regarding the nature and individual circumstances of volunteers in a  not for profit and entirely voluntary organisation such as our Graduate Women Inc Gold Coast Branch.

His point was that volunteers in general may well volunteer for a fixed limited time frame, depending on their individual circumstances/interests at that point of time.  As I volunteer weekly  at a Gold Coast Crises Centre and have for the past 4 years, and have served on its board of management for 2 years – hence in this context, I included this newly acquired insight in my formulating our Gold Coast Branch Strategic Plan 2017-2020.

Hence in this context I included this idea in my formulating our Gold Coast Branch Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (see dot point 7 under the “objectives” section ).

I have found that the ideal planning formula for this social sub committee (and indeed overall Branch planning) is to start planning  from/around  the financial and not calendar year aspect.  Of course life happens, everybody experiences constant changes in their individual circumstances – however it has been my experience that I and most people experience I would think trying to plan just prior/during or just post “the silly season” just doesn’t work for me.  At year’s end I just want to have a break, kick back and relax.

Also this strategy helps in the organizing of our web calendar for both branch and sub branch (s) in the future –  takes pressure of IT person/persons, helps in ensuring the booking of venues ,setting   financial goals and membership renewals (as at present renewals take place on the 1st July (members are deemed unfinancial as at the 31st December).

In turn I have found that (per  the present constitution)  I have set Branch Committee Meetings for
February (I have had them on a Saturday morning goal was to accommodate working folk – had them at my place to save money on room hire)  and considering also that I had all relevant information and documentation at my finger tips)
August (last one before our Branch AGM held traditionally in on late date Sunday afternoon )
September (AGM ) allows appraisal/forward planning  of current committee of management
October (early date) (which allows any re evaluation on matters following our  AGM) plus readiness for
October ( GWQ Inc AGM ) this is always set later in October currently held at UQ Womens College followed by “The Del Doherty Lecture”.

I have come to appreciate the differences between paid employment and volunteering one’s time with no monetary gain.  Having served on a board of management and observed first hand the positive effects   of  careful forward planning and that of careful  human resource management planning resulting  in a win win situation for both our volunteers and ultimately folk seeking the crises’ centre support.

I met a former member of our Branch Dr Jennifer Werner at a celebratory morning tea for Queen Elizabeth 11 90th birthday.    She  was  with us for a short time only due  to her family’s  relocation to Victoria (their gain our loss).

I had the good fortune to seize the opportunity to subsequently invite her to my place  for a  1 on 1 conversation

After I had discovered she taught Human Resource  Management . She freely shared her knowledge and expertise with me on this subject.

Gold Coast Branch member and CIR Dalma Jacobs alerted me to a great article written by a firm of solicitors which succinctly pointed  to the many changes impacting on family structures/social/work/habits/ influencing modern day volunteering folk’s lifestyles.

In this context I realise that  all of our Gold Coast members are volunteers and we all need to feel appreciated and

be respected, and furthermore I have learnt that I may never know what challenges other folk are going through and to always keep this in mind.

The 3 traditional and formal dinners of the Gold Coast Branch are:

(1)   International Womens Day breakfast (7 for 7.30 start)   held on / around  8th March depending on venue availability.  here again I have booked venue from year to year to ensure availability – it has been my experience that a lot of time can be wasted in trying to come up with fresh ideas on different venues – however considerations regarding parking  wheelchair access, close to toilet amenities, IT equipment costs and venue staff changes (given the constant buying and selling in  the restaurant industry) currently I have found that the  Southport Golf Club meets our requirement well.  Again I book this event from year to year the day after the event so it is locked into their and our calendar. Just this week I attended a formal dinner there (following our very successful hosting of the AFGW triennial conference there) and discovered that they had a piano on site  which I was not previously aware of.

NB The present committee at time of my writing this report, purchased 2 very handy  portable microphones including a hand held microphone as used by teachers and tour guides.  These microphones are  transported around the waist and are rechargeable.  This apparatus is great for seminars and Q and A times as a committee member is able to rove around the audience so participants  can make their questions heard by not only the presenter but by the rest of the audience.  These microphones were purchased in Brisbane by Carole Crowther and myself the total cost to our Branch exceeded over $1000. NB These portable microphones “live” currently at my place.

(2)   World Environment Day Dinner  (was instituted/initiated  by our late Branch member Carmel Gomm Wright)  – held around the world on 5th June .( 6 for 6.30pm start speaker commences around 7pm  around 20 minutes to include a Q and A time. roughly speaking.  Anyhow the speaker starts to speak after  main course is finished and sweet servings begin).

Every year it is marked by a theme and our committee has chosen a suitable guest speaker to reflect this theme.

Again, depending upon the availability of The Southport Golf Club to accommodate this event ideally on the 5th June but the nearest possible date to the 5th has had to be booked on occasions.  Here again I have booked the venue from year to year, on the next day following this event.

(3)   Gold Coast Branch Christmas Party. Traditionally held on the first Monday night  in December (again 6 for 6.30 pm start.  Has been held at Palmer Colonial during my Presidency – lovely setting – gaily decorated – Christmas –  by venue people – Gold Coast member says Grace before meal served – we  have an MC for this event – the singing of traditional Guadameus and Christmas Carols,( in future the multicultural members may wish to add their traditional greeting etc) Traditional Christmas Quiz (past President Marion R Jones and husband Graeme) do this and then some form of entertainment.  E.g. fashion parades members as models (but this has of late proved very difficult to organize) bursary winners have been invited to speak about their careers/research . In times past we have had a competition for the best Christmas hat and last year for the best Christmassy outfit.

Also members have during my Presidency bought along a token gift from $5 to $10 value gifts e.g. knickers toiletries for disadvantaged women which is then given to St Johns  Surfers Paradise Crises Centre.  This recipient is open to change by any member in the future – point is that gifts go to disadvantaged women.

NB  Though Palmer Colonial fills the bill to a great extent they don’t provide a piano – in times past branch members/last year student provided a portable key board (which Southport Golf club do).

NB in future southern strip GC  members need to be consulted in fairness to their travelling issue.

Other events that have been popular include theatre/movie  performances at The Gold Coast Arts Complex

(drinks and light refreshments before performances ).  ADFAS (Australian Decorative Fine Arts Society) members input has been invaluable.

Live performances at Gold Coast Little Theatre

Spotlight Theatre.

July Brunch events held at “Bumbles” on a Sunday morning  – a great fund raiser and members enjoy raffled baskets filled with member donations. (The raffle baskets are returned to social convenor ready for next time).
High Teas at various Gold Coast hotels and venues.

I did try to institute Sunday lunch time “President’s Picnic in the Park” – did hold one which was enjoyable. I had the idea that at least once a year I would get to meet all new members – however this has not been successful.  Also did unsuccessfully hold a “President’s Picnic on the Beach” to entice SCUGC members .

I believe that a monthly/bi monthly morning tea at a suitable venue to meet and greet all members (both new and long standing) as is done in the Sunshine Coast Branch is a very good idea.   As in all things there needs to be forward planning for this to occur on a regular basis.

Another idea and a great one (and I am aware  this is still continues in a very informal way is  movie mornings followed by lunch by a group of our members.

In the early stages of my Presidency I instituted a questionnaire of members (kindly formatted and subsequently collated and reviewed) by Carole Crowther in order to gauge member  goals and expectations in belonging to our Branch. One outcome of this questionnaire was the subsequent writing of our Branch “Bio” Book.

Another was the formation of the Friday Club (initially held at my place) which morphed into the “Philosophy” Group  subsequently hosted by and at Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell’s place.which provided a forum for members to discuss the lively and open  discussions  on relevant topics.

Also Vikvienne Cowlishaw Shortell and myself tried hard to get Gold Coast State High School Principals to become involved in the whole question of supporting parenting teenagers(both F and M)  with  their  educational aspirations.

Keebra Park State High School Principal and Deputy and Tamborine High Principal were the only two schools at that time to be interested in this Gold Coast Branch project.  The Q’ld State Government Education Department showed nominal interest however the real sticking point was availability of a suitable venue.

I consulted Gold Coast Volunteering CEO Richard Patterson regarding this matter as realistically our members could only become involved in conjunction with many support people(professionals and volunteers)  in the running of this ambitious  project (as done in the STEMM ™ on the Sunshine Coast at Burnside  State High School.).

(Supporting teenage education mothering and mentoring)

Our Vice President Dr Aileen Pidgeon is keen to promote public and member educational seminars on a range of topics. In addition  venues such as The various Gold Coast Community Centres provide a cheap rate for a not for profit and voluntary organisation such as our Branch.

I understand this Branch have conducted public seminars of interest to Gold Coast women  very successfully in the past.

NB The Branch has indemnity insurance under the umbrella of our State body.

Here again careful forward planning of dates, booking/availability of venues, public advertising to our targeted public/and member  audience combined with availability of presenters needs to be considered.

Finally I wish to thank most sincerely those members who I have worked with during my Presidency on  the Social Committee Sandi Fueloep, Carole Byron Naomi Wright(thanks very much for all your branch donations)  and a very special thank you to convenor Margaret Hamilton – who was backed up by Carole Crowther Diane Chetham and myself – however her attention to detail, formulating lovely event  flyer of events, her organizing of seating arrangements for our theatre social events her overwhelming generosity of her myriad  donations to raffles and her q gifted artistic touches to various formal dinner table settings  will always be remembered by us all.  Fortunately long time Branch member  Carol Little offered to take over from  Margaret in this role as  Social Convenor  to allow Margaret  much needed r and r to  enjoy  overseas travel time.    Carol L has been enthusiastically joined by new members Patricia Ruzzene and Jacqueline Marchant. This dynamic  trio organized the very successful Gold Coast Branch hosting of the September 2018 AFGW triennial conference( as mentioned previously).


The  Book Club Convenor  has been (I understand) began? reinstituted)   by member Ellen Reilly (certainly since I joined in 2007) and more recently by Joan Jennings.  Members currently meet at Margaret Hamilton’s home and the afternoon teas are superb.  Members love our Book Club (I have not been able to attend over recent years due to work/time commitments)  however it is unique in that every book chosen to be read is rated by each member out of 10 in 5 categories.  Each member in turn is given the chance to give their opinion and give their score out of  10.  From my perspective   I have learnt so much from members point of view (who are all from varied disciplines) many of whom  are retired English teachers ) .  Other women have spoken to me over the years and shared that they have left various book clubs simply because they were denied the chance to air their views! There is no chance of that happening at the Gold Coast Branch Book Club – each member gets a chance to speak up and if rambles on too long (I have personally experienced the need for myself to speak succinctly)  is told by the convenor in a lovely school marm way that only teachers possess)  to please finish up and allow the next person to have their turn.  Thank you very much Joan Jennings for being our convenor and a new convenor will be in place for the first Book Club Meeting in February (held every 3rd (? Or is it  the 4thThursday in the month ).  NB The annual Book Club  monthly list of books (Feb to November)  for the year is uploaded onto our web start prior to  or  just after the Book Club break up function in November..(Please refer to our web site for details)

For consideration for the new incoming Gold Coast Committee of Management – Given that we live in a “strip” city – it would be great for our  southern end folk to form a Book Club of their own especially given that this is in the precinct of our sub branch at SCUGC (which is situated adjacent to the Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta.

IN SUMMARY/CONCLUSION as at Saturday 15/9/2018

(1)   30 paid up members (2018-2019) total membership for 2017-2018 was around the 50 mark (from memory)

(2)   Strategic Plan 2017-2020 ? a focus on developing partnerships to other Gold Coast like minded organisations

(What organisations you say?)

FYI-  I have quoted below – from the Sept 2018 AFGW Triennial conference AGM reports

(Pertinent background) – “There are 6 National Women’s Alliances (the Alliances) which represent almost 120 women’s organisations.  They bring forward the views, voices and issues of Australian women and, in particular, women from marginalized and disadvantaged groups….The issues-based Alliances are economic Security4Women (eS4W) Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA)

The sector-based Alliances are National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC) National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance (NATSIWA) and Harmony Alliance.

Alliances, particularly ERA and eS4W, are actively involved in the non-for-profit programme of the UN Commission for the Status of Women each year preparing delegations, hosting and conducting events, providing valuable feedback to members, and material for the civil society report.  They have also actively participated in discussion of the Sustainable Development goals and have individually addressed those Goals most appropriate to their focus.

AFGW is a member of  TWO  Alliances – (1) economic Security4Women – currently our Gold Coast member and national CIR (Co-ordinator for International Relations) Dalma Jacobs is one of 3 delegates and (2) the Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) has 3 AFGW including the current President Jane Baker.  ERA is a network of 62 non government organisations and social enterprises, the lead organisation being the YWCA Australia.

(3)   All Committee of Management Members’ role descriptions on  our Gold coast web site.

(4)   Policy/guidelines for social functions payment (ideally prepaid into our Heritage Bank Account over the net) are on our web site.

(5)   Social media guidelines on our web site

(6)   Member only password is 2018gold (the plan is just to change the password year e.g. next year on 1st Jan 2019 it will change to 2019gold

(7)   President’s Bi monthly bulletins posted on web site (commenced January 2015 – NB Sunshine coast Branch collates their newsletter from various committee members and it is beautifully presented.I just haven’t had the time nor the skill set to attempt such an undertaking.

(8)   Gold Coast Branch and Gold Coast Sub Branch calendar of events – just click on event and this allows a pop up flyer for details)to be  kept as current as possible

(9)   Also at times various members request to a flyer to be posted to our calender of events – which is accommodated  if possible. E.g. I am on the MCCGC mailing list and therefore receive their  regular notice of their events. /14

(10)                 Regarding future banking matters – adding/subtracting signatures of outgoing/incoming Committee of Management members – This requires a lengthy time consuming process at our Gold Coast Branch Bank – Heritage.  During the transition settling period of the new committee taking over the “reins” of financial matters

It  may be helpful to remember that three “former” committee members signature (2 to sign cheques) Carole Crowther, Diane Chetham and myself live in relatively close proximity to one another therefore can easily ensure the Branch has its financial costs paid for by co signing future cheques as needed. Regarding the Sub Branch at SCUGC Vice President Silvia Nelson (2017-2018) is making arrangements  to drop off their separate cheque book (which was  set up (according to our constitution under the strict guidelines of the Heritage Bank) at thet time  of its   formation.  FYI The  sub branch convenor t is technically under the Gold Coast Branch’s financial structural   umbrella- it  just operates with a separate cheque book.    The  sub branch convenor is required to provide a short written report/email or teleconference/phone call  for /during Gold Coast’s Branch committee meeting (a) report  on its  social /seminar events (b) report on their financial status. This arrangement is included in the Gold Coast Branch’s Hon Treasurer’s report at Branch committee meetings.  The   Gold Coast Sub Branch  current signature members are   Silvia Nelson and long time Gold Coast member Lesley Bryant – it was set up at a Heritage Bank branch in the Coolangatta area in order to set up an  easy and convenient local  banking locality.

(11)                 The previous student membership application form for SCUGC has not been re uploaded for this financial year 2018-2019 (thanks to the original formatting by Sandy Fueloep ) due to the inability to locate it – 2017/2018 our web site manager Mel Loughridge managed to rejig the previous one but this year apparently this has not been possible.  I have an original hard copy should this help – We only charged $10 for joining (amount not negotiable) as this was thought to cover the Gold Coast Branch’s capitation fee only.  – so neither the Q’ld Branch nor our Gold Coast Branch was out of pocket.

(12)                 I will become the Immediate Past President at this AGM and I will not be nominating for or expect to be voted onto any sub committee. However I see my role as a resource person in the same capacity as Carole Crowther who has indicated her willingness to be” elder statesperson” especially considering her 40 years of

Involvement and I am aware that our Branch stalwart and Past President Elaine  Ellis is in this select group.

It will be very interesting and rewarding to see our members receive their certificates also – suitable reminder  of . their years of membership when our 40th Year of Branch History is ready for publication which may/may not be ready for launch at our 2018 Christmas Party (on 3rd December at Palmer Colonial  If not we will aim for launching it at our IWD Breakfast on /near 8/3/2019 tba. .

In conclusion I would like to sincerely thank   my predecessor Carole Crowther for her confidential, constant unstinting support mentorship  and understanding and savvy advice given to me. She is an educator extraordinae.

Also I wish to thank sincerely   our Gold Coast Member and GWQ Inc President Dr Mary Crawford for her  continued support.  Many the time I have texted Mary, particularly  during the setting up  of the sub branch at SCUGC. asking her advice about this and that tricky situation and was this constitutionally sound ??  I felt like I was flying off the mountain and hoping like crazy the parachute would open – literally flying by the seat of my pants.  I found that dealing with universities and trying  to set up a sub branch is a very time consuming frustrating  tricky business especially when their  head campus is in another state. Trying to communicate with different changing administrative and faculty  personnel was a challenge.     T here was no precedent to follow.  Mary has always answered my texts promptly, and  gave me the necessary information in order to move forward.  No wonder she is so knowledgeable given her past and current experiences on all aspects of women’s educational and social issues.

Thank you for reading this very long and detailed report – however (1) considering the scarcity of committee members for one reason or the other I have encompassed the various individual sub committee convenor reports  into one (excluding of course the attached Hon Treasurer’s Report).

(2)  This President’s report is unique considering the fact that this is our 40th year birthday (3) /The Gold Coast branch hosting  the AFGW triennial conference (with the  outcome of  impending significant changes to its structure and constitution  and(4)  I was very conscious of its historical significance and the need to “pass the baton” in the form of my personal knowledge acquired over the last 4 years regarding the ongoing running of this wonderful Graduate women Q’ld Inc Gold Coast Branch.

Thank you and my congratulations and very best wishes to the incoming executive whoever they be following our AGM next Sunday 23/9/2018

( NB Under our present constitution a reminder that a Gold Coast member must be financial (2018-2019) to be eligible to nominate for a position on the Gold Coast Branch Committee of Management )



From your President, Rosemary Power            ……GWQGC web site (2018) password is 2018gold

Dear Member

In this my final bulletin as President.

Updates on:-

  • AFGW AGM hosted by our branch


AFGW AGM hosted by our branch. (Saturday 8th September 2018 at Southport Golf Club)

You will be updated by our GC planning committee  – chief liaison member is social committee member Patricia

Ruzzene aided by Convenor Carol Little and Jacqueline Marchant.


GWQGC AGM ( Sunday 23/9/2018 commencing at 2pm at Southport Community Centre).

I would urge all members to seriously consider applying for any  committee roles.

I will definitely be stepping down as President (after 4 years at the helm) as will Hon Treasurer Diane Chetham, and Book Club Convenor Joan Jennings. Our previous Hon Sec Maggie Rathborne had resigned due to personal circumstances (I have now taken over that role also).

FYI and in this context please refer to our Strategic Plan ( 2017-2020) and all role descriptions and nomination forms are on our Gold Coast Web Site.

“The nomination shall be in writing and signed by the member and her proposer and seconder, shall be lodged with the secretary (that is me please as the Branch does not have a nominated Hon secretary) at least 14 days before the annual general meeting (that is Sunday 9th September 2018) at which the election is to take place. Balloting lists shall be prepared (if necessary) containing the names of the candidates in alphabetical order, and each member present at the AGM shall be entitled to vote for any number of such candidates not exceeding the number of vacancies. Should at the commencement of such meeting there be an insufficient number of candidates nominations may be taken from the floor of the meeting”.

GC WEB MATTERS – The GWQ and GWQGC web sites are undergoing an update – please email me your thoughts on how our web presence may be enhanced and I will forward onto our web master.

SOCIAL FUNCTIONS – you will receive updates – GC BURSARY PROGRAMME (there were no applications received for nominations which closed on 1st July 2018) GC SUBSCRIPTIONS – thank you for those who have already renewed – you will receive a receipt (only 2 of us handling subscriptions both have been ill (Di Chetham and myself). ……Kind regards to you all.    ..Rosemary Power (President)



From your President, Rosemary Power………………..NB GWQGC web site ( 2018) password is 2018gold

Dear Member

Now that our highly successful Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are behind us (I was fortunate enough to attend Athletics and Swimming events with family and  enjoyed baby sitting my grandchildren) it is now time to update you all with “all things Graduate Women Gold Coast Branch”.

I am aware that some of our members are facing personal and family health challenges and I take the liberty of speaking on behalf of all of us in conveying our support and best wishes to  them and look forward to seeing them when their circumstances allow.


  • Your Gold Coast Branch Committee Meeting is being held Saturday 5th May 2018 once again at my place followed by my attending the Q’ld Branch Committee Meeting on Saturday 19th May 2018 at 10am followed by the annual Dr Del Doherty Lecture 11am in the Chislehurst Room Womens College University of Q’ld. PLEASE ADVISE ME IF ANYBODY IS REQUIRING TRANSPORT
  • Our next social meeting for the year is our World Environment Day function to be held once again at the Southport Golf Club Functions Room (where they look after us so well, and the parking is great) on Monday 4th June 2018 – please watch out for this event flyer posted to our web site for start time, costs etc.

Our guest speaker this year is our very own Dr Miranda Mortlock who is featured in our Gold Coast Branch publication “Determination and opportunity – the making of an educated woman”.

  • The “Sisters for Success” at the MCCGC (Multicultural Centre Gold Coast) headquarters on Tuesday 6/3/2018 was highly successful and 2 Gold Coast Graduate Women members Aileen Pidgeon, Miranda Mortlock and her daughter( and Q’ld Branch Secretary)g  Amie Khosla presented and I gave a short introduction outlining our Branch history.  Please see our web site (and recent GWI publications where this event was highlighted)
  • Warm welcome to new members since last Bulletin (January 2018): Jacqueline Marchant, Patricia Ruzzene and Helen Upton
  • Plans are under away for the launch of our new sub branch at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus in the new financial year.

Kind regards to you all.
Rosemary Power (President)



From your President, Rosemary Power………………..


Dear Member

Happy New Year to you and yours.

May it be a healthy and peaceful one for you and your loved ones.

Updates on:-

  • Web site – social calendar for both Branch and sub Branch for 2018
  • Arrangements made for preferred member 2018 activities
  • MCCGC (Multi Cultural Communities Gold Coast) a GWQGC organizational partner, plans for Branch and Sub Branch members to attend/present at a seminar (for Grade 12 students from Keebra Park High School CALD cohort) at MCCGC’s headquarters at Southport during Q’ld Gov Womens Week Tuesday 6th March 2018 between 9am -2pm.
  • International Womens Day Breakfast Thursday 8/3/2018 at Southport Golf Club 7 for 7.30am
  • Bond University- Sybil A.M.Vise Award
  • Thank you for member gifts/donations at Branch Christmas Party on Monday 4th December 2017
  • Web site – please continue to regularly check our web site – event flyers are embedded in the relevant month/week on both branch and sub branch calendar sites – just click on and get full details.


  1. Arrangements made for preferred member 2018 activities. Following the collated responses following my request dated 3/11/2018 for members to contact Branch Membership Registrar with their preference for interests/activities – (and given the fact that Branch Membership Registrar Margaret Prentice is “ off the grid” due to her Commonwealth Games workload) I will be contacting members in order to co-ordinate their combined responses___________________________________________________________________________
  2. MCCGC seminar (following their successful Q’ld Gov Women’s Week (Mon 5th– Fri 9th March) grant award (which our Branch wrote a letter of endorsement at MCCGC’s request), please contact direct
  3. Marie Daix (MCCGC Membership and Community Development Officer – 1 Dominions Road Ashmore (M) 0438201796 (her request) – should you wish to be part of a 2 or 3 member panel from our Branch to perhaps give 15-20 minute presentation followed by Q&A (10mins). (As I liaise with Marie Daix frequently I will be kept in the planning loop). See above for date and time.

( NB Our Branch member Sue Graham is CEO of MCCGC and was our guest speaker at our IWD breakfast last year.)

    1. IWD B’fast details as above – guest speaker is Suzie Ting – watch web site for flyer when available
  • And (6) – Bond Uni Deans Award Night Sybil AMVise Award 16/2/18 – Thank you from St John’s


Crises Care Board Manager for member donations from Branch Christmas Party Mon 4/12/2017.                

Kind regards Rosemary Power (President) GWQGC


Friday 3/11/2017

Dear Branch and Sub Branch Member

Following a meeting yesterday of the Branch’s Membership Standing committee, and in  order to complete our Branch’s up to date Membership List, ready for our 40th year celebrations in 2018, our Membership Registrar Margaret Prentice has requested the following information from each member.

  • Your preferred title e.g. Ms/Mrs/Dr/ or other.
  • The year that you joined our Branch
  • Your preference/s for interests/activities to help in planning our 2018 calendar.

(You may having a burning desire for the formation of an interest group e.g. Information Technology group).

Please email Margaret Prentice with the above information asap    . margap06@gmail.com

Kind regards and thank you for renewing your GWQGC membership for 2017-2018.

Rosemary Power (President)

PS    (1)       I will be presenting the inaugural bursary award to the highest achieving educational and community minded Grade 12 female graduating student at Keebra Park State High School at their School Assembly on Wednesday 8/11/2017 at 10.45am.

This student will receive a cheque for $250, a GWQGC certificate, and a copy of our 2017 Branch publication

“Determination and opportunity – the making of an educated woman”.

This inaugural award has followed negotiations  between   Branch Awards Officer Carole Crowther, myself, and  our Branch member Sue Graham (CEO),( and Marie Daix (Membership and Community Development Officer)   from the Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast .

(2)         Commencing in 2018 a  monthly Saturday morning tea (at 10am) will begin to enable new/student  members to meet and greet.  Please regularly  check our web site calendar of events for details (TBA).



From your President, Rosemary Power……………

Monday 2/10/2017

Dear Member

Please read my President’s Report on our web site presented at our Gold Coast Branch’s AGM on Sunday 24/9/2017 (password is 2017gold).  It is a good idea to get into the habit of checking our web site as many interesting events are regularly posted to our calendar of events.

In addition below please find the names of your Committee of Management for 2017-2018.

President                                           Rosemary Power

Immediate Past President       Carole Crowther (Awards Officer and CIR)

Vice Presidents                             Aileen Pidgeon (Bond University)

Silvia Nelson (Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus)

Hon Secretary                              Maggie Rathborne

Hon Treasurer                             Diane Chetham

Membership Registrar            Margaret Prentice

Book Club Convener               Joan Jennings

Web Site Manager                    Melissa-Jane Loughridge

The first committee meeting will be held at my place on Saturday 21/10/2017 and the GWQ Inc AGM will be held  at UQ in Brisbane on Saturday 28/10/2017.  Please let me know should you wish to attend this state AGM and I will arrange your transport.

As both myself and Hon Treasurer Diane Chetham step down from our respective positions (on Sunday 23/9/2018 our next Branch’s  AGM) and the fact that the Branch does not have a Social Convenor/social committee,  I would ask members to have forebearance to enable our Committee to carefully forward plan both our activities and ongoing structures). For example –


Our Christmas Party celebrations will be held (as always on the first Monday evening in December 4/12/17 at the Colonial Golf Club 6 for 6.30pm).  Vice President Aileen Pidgeon and myself will be meeting asap to plan the mindfulness,resilience and wellness seminars and exploring all ways of raising bursary funding.


I am (together with Silvia Nelson, and Carole Crowther) endeavouring to set in place a formal agreement between our Branch and SCUGC Vice Chancellor for the ongoing annual awarding of the  Dr Mary Crawford Community Leadership Bursary. (We have had formal agreements for many years with both Bond and Griffith).

The set up of the Branch’s long held goal to plant a sub branch at Griffith Gold Coast Campus is well under way. Both Silvia Nelson and myself attended Griffith’s invitation to attend their “Riverfire” Cocktail Party in Brisbane on 30/9/17 (to thank donors) –as we have presented The Isobel Taylor Award to the top female graduating student in Education for many years (named after the first President of the Branch). Former Branch Presidents Marion R Jones and Carole Crowther with their many  Griffith connections (which includes our new member and 2017 FFI recipient and PhD candidate Eloise Stevenson) are diligently working behind the scenes to bring this formation goal into fruition). Last month, as current President I represented the Branch at their  annual 2017 Three Minute Thesis function which presented another opportunity to mingle with the Griffith community.

When this sub branch is formerly set up, it will give members an ongoing opportunity to support this University by attending  free lectures thus helping  to provide intellectual stimulation, and also by promoting  our ideals and objectives to students,  faculty and alumni (as is now the case at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus).

Should any member wish to help with the planning of social functions and subsequent social media matters e.g. organizing photos on our web site) your help would be much appreciated.  In future instead of having specially formatted advertising flyers we can use the simple Branch Letterhead( as appears at the beginning of this bulletin), and it just then needs to be uploaded onto the various Branch/sub branch calendar of events within our  web site.

VALE –Last month, I represented our Branch by attending the funeral in Brisbane  of our long time member Daphne Buckley OBE( and the recent recipient of the AFGW Member Emerita Award).  She was an amazing woman and champion for Australian women’s education during her life time.  Her biography will appear in the next print of our book “Determination and opportunity – the making of an educated woman”.

Thank you and kind regards to you all.

Rosemary Power



The Branch’s past year’s activities have been concentrated on reviewing, and forward planning in order to consolidate our Branch’s future.

This report cannot be interpreted without referring to the attached copy of GWQ Inc Gold Coast Branch/SCUGC Sub Branch Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (which is also on the Branch’s web site).

An evaluation of the 2016-2017 Branch’s continuing overarching  goals ( formulated by Immediate Past President Carole Crowther) when I took over the Presidency in  September 2014,  is as follows –

  • Expanding our Membership……….. 9 new members
  • Supporting our Members……….. Members support one another especially in times of bereavement, sickness and  tough times. BIG a popular and dynamic group led by  convener Joan Jennings exemplifies this support.
  • Raising our Community  Profile….. Only partially achieved – there are still many Gold Coast citizens who have never heard of our Branch’s existence. Despite our advertising brochures, web presence  and  book publication.   Plans are afoot to man information tables at the universities information days and perhaps invite Mary Crawford our State President to give us tips on advertising ourselves on the radio given that she is a regular on ABC.

NB – With our 40th year celebrations during 2018- this  will present a unique opportunity to “show case” our Branch’s aims and objectives.

  • Consolidating the Griffith Gold Coast Campus/Bond/SCUGC connections………….

Negotiations are well under way in achieving the formation of this long time goal of commencing a sub branch there at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus.

Bond University – One of our Branch’s Vice President’s is Aileen Pidgeon who is a faculty member of Bond.

This presents our Branch with an opportunity for the future.

SCUGC – This sub branch was launched in August 2016- ably coordinated by Past President of Gold Coast Branch Lesley Bryant and now with a second appointment of Branch Vice President Silvia Nelson, a  faculty member  of SCUGC, this fledgling sub branch is operating well and expanding.  Ongoing support and mentoring will continue to be provided by Gold Coast Branch.

  • Expanding our Awards Programme ……….. A CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) young Grade 12 woman will be given this first award at the end of this year.  This has been made possible by negotiation  between our new Branch member Sue Graham (guest speaker at this year’s International Woman’s Day breakfast) and CEO of the MCCGC (Multicultural Community Gold Coast) and our Awards Officer Carole Crowther and myself.
  • ……………..An indigenous award is still yet to be organized.
  • Helping disadvantaged women and girls through relevant charities/activities………….

The ASEPT (Australian Secondary Education for Parenting Teenagers (for  both girls and boys,)proposed by our Branch’s member and Education Coordinator for GWQ Inc (for AFGW) Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell,  unfortunately has now been shelved due to the Q’ld State Government’s  indecision regarding the utilization of the old Ridgeway Ave Southport TAFE Campus (as at 10/9/2017).

This is in spite of Keebra Park’s (the most culturally diverse secondary campus on the Gold Coast) enthusiasm  of both its Principal and Deputy Principal to get this project off the ground.  (Our Branch had liaised with Volunteering Gold Coast CEO Richard Paterson during the formative negotiations to set this project up) as the Branch did not have the numbers to organize a realistic roster.

Members continue to generously donate items to help disadvantaged women from the Surfers Paradise Anglican Crises Care Centre at the Branch’s annual Christmas Party.

Members contribute their many talents and time to other organisations here on the Gold Coast including the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

Continuing to refer to the constitutionally based 2017-2020 Strategic Plan – all committee members role/”job” descriptions now have written guidelines (on the web site), to aid new committee members.   After all family/travel commitments can always be balanced with our organizational  goals, as members are very generous in stepping in to cover various roles as the need arises. Flexibility, and good communication ensures this organization will continue to thrive as it has done over the past 40 years.

This year the first part of our Ruby celebrations resulted in the successful launch of our booklet “Determination and Opportunity – the making of an educated woman” which incorporated some 40 biographies of our members.  The Branch owes a great debt to Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell for the collating and bearing the initial cost of publication of our first 100 copies) and the editing team of Joan Jennings, Marion R Jones and others). In addition the families of these members deserve our thanks – it was a mammoth task.

Now the branch’s History since its inception in 1978 is being undertaken by Carole Crowther a founding committee member,  to be launched in September 2018 at the AFGW triennial conference which will be hosted by the Gold Coast Branch.


The Branch has taken over the payment of membership dues from 1st July 2017 as the structure of GWQ Inc did not address the formation of sub branches.  This project  has been successfully accomplished by the generous collaboration from both state and local members.  Our Gold Coast Branch Membership Registrar Margaret Prentice is the convenor of this committee together with  Gold Coast Hon Treasurer Diane Chetham and myself as current President.  Thank you to Margaret, Diane and GWQ Inc Membership Registrar (and also a Gold Coast member Del Doherty) and AFGW CIR (who is also a Gold Coast member Dalma Jacobs). Also grateful thanks to our Web Site Manager Melissa Loughridge who cheerfully continues to upload amended membership forms as well as the myriad of requests for additions/changes from the committee.

On behalf of all members of our Branch I would like to pay tribute to our retiring Social Convenor Margaret Hamilton who is taking a well deserved rest to travel and pursue other interests. Thank you Margaret for organizing our dinners and social gatherings with such artistic flair.

I am sure an enthusiastic member who enjoys our social calendar will be appointed soon.

We need to address and explore  the challenge of raising bursary money now that gown hire has ceased which was a financially successful way to raise funds and take the pressure off the social committee.  Today item 8 Any Other business will be a forum to discuss this issue with a couple of good  ideas supplied by retiring Hon Sec Lyn Reynolds. Thank you Lyn for your valued  contribution to the Branch.


In conclusion I wish to thank all committee members for their hard work and co-operation and in particular to all  members for their support and friendship over the past 12 months, and I acknowledge the ongoing discreet support and wisdom of GWQ Inc’s Branch President Mary Crawford – we are very lucky to have her experience and knowledge to lead.  Also I wish to acknowledge with thanks  the ongoing support and mentoring received from Immediate Past President Carole Crowther.

I will endeavor to continue this mentoring process when I step down as President at the next AGM in 2018.

Thank you.

Rosemary Power.




From your President Rosemary Power……

In this issue:-

Updates on:-

  • (1) Book Sales
  • (2)  Branch’s response to AFGW’s request for full details of Branch activities with all member input
  • (3)  New Branch process for handling membership application and membership renewals from 1/7/17
  • (4)  Gold Coast Branch 2017-2020 Strategic Plan
  • (5)  Formatting of all Gold Branch Job Descriptions
  •   Gold Coast Branch – seeking a Social Convenor, Hon Secretary, Assis. Hon Treasurer.
  • (6)  Sub Branch at SCU Gold Coast Campus news – New Acting Vice President
  • (7)  Warm welcome to new/pending members
  • (8)   AGM Sunday 24th September 2017 – nomination for Gold Coast Committee of Management

Just to let you all know that we have 54 copies of our Bio book left for sale.  You may wish to plan ahead for Christmas/birthday presents for friends and family, – first copy is $30, 2nd copy is $25, 3rd copy is $20.

(All proceeds are funneled straight into our Bursary Fund).


Thank you to Branch CIR(Coordinator for International Relations)  and Immediate Past President and Awards Officer Carole Crowther for collating all members’ response to this request.  It was a succinct 3 page document. Thank you to those members who responded to this request.

As the current President, I submitted a 12 page document with detailed Gold Coast Branch’s activities.

Thank you also to Gold Coast member and national CIR Dalma Jacobs for coordinating our Branch’s response.

Please email me at rosemaryjp@poweretailing.com.au should you wish to have a copy forwarded to you  of either/both  of these documents.


This process is now functioning very well and I am very grateful for the cheerful and helpful cooperation shown by all involved at both Branch and State level. A very big THANK YOU from me.

To those of you who haven’t renewed yet on line: www.graduatewomengoldcoast.org.au/join-us/ gets you straight through to the page and remember:

If any tech problems please email me – or if you wish I can always post you a physical form, and post back (P O Box 1150 Southport BC Southport Q 4215) the completed form together with your cheque or postal note (or make a eft straight into our Gold Coast Branch Heritage Bank A/c (as listed on the form forwarding receipt details to our Hon Treasurer Di Chetham email address  dirochet@bigpond.net.au

  • GOLD COAST BRANCH 2017-2020 STRATEGIC PLAN has been written – I will forward a copy to each of you asap.    In addition all job descriptions pertaining to the Committee of Management are being  written to be  finalized ready for discussion at the branch’s next Committee meeting on Saturday August 26th 10am at my place 10 Chester  Tce Southport.( Please watch out for our AGM Nomination forms which will be posted onto our  web site prior to this meeting).


There is an urgent need to fill the following vacancies asap.

  • Social Convenor – Our present Social Convenor is Margaret Hamilton who is not nominating again at our September 2017 AGM. Margaret has done a wonderful job over  the last few years in organizing our programme – however she needs a well earned break to pursue some overseas travel. And on behalf of us all  THANK YOU Margaret.

Any member considering  taking  over this role, will receive a great deal of support.

Please contact me and I will outline the role – together with a very comprehensive job description so there are clear guidelines to follow.

  • Honorary Secretary – Our present Hon Secretary is Lyn Reynolds who is not nominating again at our September 2017 AGM.  Lyn also has done a wonderful job over  the last few years in this role – and also Lyn needs a well earned break to pursue some overseas travel.  Likewise on behalf of us all THANK YOU Lyn.

Again any member who would take over this role, will get all the support that is needed.

Please contact me and I will outline the role – together with a very comprehensive job description so there are clear guidelines to follow.

  • Assistant Honorary Treasurer – It would be truly wonderful if a member would be willing to take on this role –this role is needed when our Hon Treasurer Di Chetham is travelling overseas.  Again please contact myself initially, if you are interested and willing, and together with Di  Chetham we will discuss this role.  (Again a comprehensive job description is being finalized).
  • SUB BRANCH AT SCU – GOLD COAST CAMPUS NEWS – New Acting Vice President.

(a)  The inaugural “Dr Mary Crawford Bursary for Community Leadership” was presented by our Graduate Women Q’ld Inc President in person to Sally Gregory at our “Bumbles Brunch” on Sunday 16th July 2017.  It was a happy and jolly time and we presented Sally with a bunch of flowers and a copy of our  “Bio Book” and Mary with a flower arrangement and guest towels.

Sally has joined GWQ GC sub branch at SCUGC.

(b)  We welcome Acting Vice President Silvia Nelson a SCUGC faculty member – Lecturer in School of Business and Tourism.

Silvia will formerly become Gold Coast Branch Co Vice President, together with Vice President Aileen Pidgeon at our AGM in September.

Welcome Silvia. Silvia was a gracious host to us at the Sub Branch at SCUGC launch last August 27th 2016, and has been a great support and enthusiastic member to our sub Branch Co-Ordinator Lesley Bryant. /3

We have enjoyed joining our Sub Branch members for a highly enjoyable and informative lecture about the roll out of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) at SCUGC campus, by Fiona Russo (winner of the valuable “Mary McSweeney Award 2016 from the Fellowship Fund Branch of GWQ).

In addition we enjoyed a very thought provoking movie sponsored by the Creators of Peace “The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe” (Melbourne International film festival”.

A formal agreement has been signed between Gold Coast Branch and our SCUGC Sub Branch regarding the fiscal management and reporting obligations of the sub branch in accordance with our constitution.

  • A warm welcome to new and pending  members since 1/7/2017

Sub Branch SCUGC   –    Sally Gregory

Gold Coast Branch      June Davies

Sue Graham

Maggie Rathbone

Eloise Stephenson

July has been a very busy month for your Committee of Management – and it has been a fitting time to plan ahead

and set policies and procedures in place to accommodate our expansion into the future.

In addition our Branch taking over all new applications for membership and membership renewals from 1st July 2017, – will allow us to plan ahead especially in the area of knowing exactly the amount of monies needed to fund and expand our bursary programmes (including introducing our CALD and INDIGENOUS awards).

I will advise you all regarding Vice President Aileen Pidgeon’s up coming programmes incorporating the themes of connectedness, mindfulness, health and well being as soon as they are is finalized.(Aileen is on leave during August).

Kind regards to you all.

Rosemary Power (President) GWQGC

NB Per our constitution (see GWQ Inc web site)” Only financial members of the association may hold office, vote or nominate candidates for election.” (Our AGM is Sunday 24th September at 2pm at Southport Community Centre Lawson St Southport).  Thank you.



  JUNE-JULY-AUGUST 2017  PRESIDENT’S BULLETIN    (NB GWQGC 2017 web password is 2017gold)

From your President                 Rosemary Power………………………….

In this issue:-

Updates on:-

Successful launch of  Part 1 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018) celebrations – member bio book “Determination and opportunity the making of an educated woman”.

  • Launch planning of  Part 2 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018) celebrations – our Branch History.
  • Rollout of our Branch new membership application and membership renewal process for 2017-2018
  • Committee of Management vacancies to be filled at our AGM Sunday 24/9/2017
  • Forward planning of our Branch calendar for 2017-2018 by your Branch Management Committee.
  • Award matters.
  • Upcoming social events.__
  • Sundry items
  1. Good news – we have broken even regarding the cost of printing the initial 100 copies of our book, therefore every $ spent by members in future until the remaining  copies are sold, will go direct into our education fund for bursaries.

At our Branch’s last committee meeting held at my place on Saturday 27/5/2017, a decision was made regarding the cost to members wishing to  buy  our book.

1st copy  bought is                          $30
2nd copy       “                                      $25
3rd or more copies                                  $20

  1. Immediate Past President, Co-Ordinator for International Relations, and Awards Officer Carole Crowther is kindly undertaking to manage this mammoth task (to be launched in September 2018).
  2. From the 1st July 2017 – our Branch will take over all aspects of new Membership Applications and Membership Renewals.  These new forms will be uploaded onto our web site on 1st July – you will be informed via email close to this date (to ensure that we have a smooth transition to commence our new financial year).

Our Gold Coast Branch Membership Committee –
Margaret Prentice – Honorary Membership Registrar
Di Chetham           – Honorary Treasurer
Rosemary Power   – current President.

  1. Please give some thought to serving on our Branch Committee of Management (our AGM is Sunday 24/9/2017 (2pm) at the Southport Community Centre).  The yearly calendar of meetings is not onerous – , October,February, May and August – meetings are at my place on a Saturday morning at 10am -12md followed by sandwiches/hot pot should members wish to eat and go onto Saturday afternoon activities.  We are looking to fill the following positions:  Honorary Secretary, Assistant Hon Treasurer.  Social Committee, Social Media Liason (we are now on the GWI social media platform) Grants Writer( and on our  general committee).   The strength of our Branch lies in the many and varied diversification of our skills and backgrounds. Please contact me for further details should you be interested – we would love to have you join us.

5. Over the next few months, Vice President Aileen Pidgeon, together with your Committee of Management, is planning some really exciting programmes incorporating the themes of connectedness, mindfulness health and well being for us all.  When finalized, these events will be publicized on our web site in the usual manner( by way of a flyer ) attached to our calendar of events, and an email will also be forwarded to members.


These events will be in addition  to our usual social programme.

6.  Our FFI (Fellowships Fund Inc) Award Winner for 2017 is Eloise Stephenson (a Doctoral student from Griffith University Gold Coast campus) who delighted us all as guest speaker on the theme “Connecting people to nature”  at our Branch World Environment Day dinner at The Southport Golf Club on Thursday 8/6/2017.

7. Our next event is our ever popular “Brunch at Bumbles” – on Sunday 16th July 8 for 8.30am (Margaret Hamilton our Social Convenor is distributing the flyer and this will be posted on our web site within the next few days).

Our theatre function is yet to be arranged.

Our ever popular Christmas Function is pre booked at the Palmer Colonial for Monday 4th December 2017



8.       (A)      Reminder – please contact  (text please) Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell on (m) 0404 379 487 if interested in attending meetings to be held at her place at  Labrador on the first Friday of the month at 10am. (Next meeting is Friday 7th July 2017). Maybe you have a strong interest in  a current affairs  issue which you believe a collective response from members may be publicized.

(B)      In regard to organizing  our  formal dinner functions, we have to advise venues of our final numbers in advance and pay for that number of meals  in order to meet our booking obligations.    If for some unforeseen reason a member is unable to attend on the night,  we are obliged to pay for that meal. (We are very lucky with some venues in that we don’t have to pay for the additional cost of hiring the venue). Therefore after a function, and the banking is being collated, a member may be contacted to request they  kindly pay for the meal.   This policy has been in place for a number of years  and I will now formalize it by uploading it onto  our web site in conjunction with  our social media guidelines.

As a former (and at times stepping into the role whilst our present Hon Treasurer Di Chetham is away)  Hon Treasurer Gold Coast Branch, I am very aware that this approach is necessary as this is  how we raise bursary funds by adding a small amount charged by the venue in order to make a modest profit on the night.

I thank members for their understanding regarding this matter.

(C)       Member Kate James  advises that should members wish to undertake a 5 week free MOOC (massive open online course) “Preventing  Dementia” provided by the University of Tasmania the link is


(D)      Unfortunately it is not possible for the Gilmore Spacecorp  at Pimpama to be visited by us, due to their present set up.

Kind regards,   and I look forward to a jolly good chat and catchup with you all at “Bumbles Brunch”.

Rosemary Power (President) GWQGC


MARCH-MAY 2017       PRESIDENT’S BULLETIN        (NB GWQGC  2017 password is  2017gold)

From your President     Rosemary Power……………………………

In this issue:-

Updates on:-

  1. Launch of Part 1 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018) celebrations – launch of our members Biography Book.
  2. Launch of Part 2 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018 celebrations – launch of our Branch History.
  3. Introduction of Branch new membership application and membership renewal process for 2017-2018
  4. Details of our sub branch Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus seminar on 20/4/2017
  5. Details of Friday Philosophy Group to replace Friday Research Group
  6. Current Awards Matters
  7. Project Matters
  8. Fund Raising Matters
  9. Welcome to New /Pending Members
  10. Gold Coast Member Daphne Buckley – congratulations

1. Launch of our Branch Biography Book “Determination and opportunity – the making of an educated woman” was enjoyed by all present at our International Woman’s Day breakfast held at The Southport Golf Club on Wednesday 8/3/2017.  Our guest speaker was Sue Graham the CEO of MCCGC (Multicultural Communities Gold Coast).  On behalf of all of our members, we thank Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell (and her family) for the mammoth task of formatting this publication consisting of some 44 of our members’ biographies, despite daunting setbacks of health and technology challenges. As a fitting tribute to this milestone being achieved all  Branch members collectively stood, cheered and raised our glasses to launch this book – as it is our stories  of past and present members who have had significant impact on Gold Coast Community Life for the past 40 years.

Vivienne who is the Education Co-Ordinator for Q’ld for AFGW, and Gold Coast Committee Member),  presented Sue Graham with a signed copy to thank her for being our guest speaker who  informed  us so well regarding her organization.  She will be joining our Branch as a member.

Thank you also to members Joan Jennings and family, and also to Marion R Jones for their editing input as part of the small committee, and as the current President my role was to co-ordinate the project into fruition.

Regarding the costing of this publication – our Branch executive approved of the $188 of Branch funds  spent to obtain publishing rights (i.e. ISBNs- the global standard for identifying titles – each version of a book, print or digital requires its own ISBN).  Also 3 quotes were obtained from various printers and the committee decision was to choose Snap Printing Southport who already had the art work after printing our Branch advertising cards (which is now  printed on the back of our book.).

Following discussion at our last Branch committee meeting held on 4/2/2017, Vivienne generously advised she would pay for the printing costs for 100 copies i.e. $1490 – and the committee decided to charge $30 per copy.  Thus when the Branch reimburses Vivienne for her outlay -the surplus will be used for bursaries.


For members who were unable to attend our International Women’s Day Breakfast the following arrangements have been made to obtain a copy.

  • Cost is $30 per copy Please email me at rosemaryjp@poweretailing.com.au if requesting a copy/copies as I have all books stored at my place.
  • Payment may be made by direct debit into Gold Coast’s Branch’s Heritage Bank Account

BSB: 638-070    Account Number: 6997201 with your initials+,bio book.  A receipt will be emailed back to you for your records.         OR

Should you wish to have a copy posted to you please add $3.55 (i.e. $33.55 to include postage and a receipt will be inserted into the book.          OR

Post a cheque to Treasurer GWQGC C/- P O Box 1150 Southport BC Southport Q 4215 – a receipt will be emailed for your records.          OR

You may wish to physically pick up a copy from me at home – please text  my mobile  0414 305 893

to arrange payment and pick up (again  a receipt will be issued for your records).

  • A copy of our publication has been posted to our sister Branch at the Sunshine Coast who gifted us a copy of their second publication of “An Educated Woman” which was the catalyst in showing us the way to accomplish the feat of producing our own unique version.
  • So get ready to be “moved, uplifted and inspired” when you get to read our book.

2. Launch of Part 2 – Branch History Launch of our 40th year (2018) celebrations

As part of our 40th year 2018 celebrations, our Branch has offered to host the AFGW triennial conference here on the Gold Coast.

At the teleconference held on 4/3/2017 at Q’ld President Mary Crawford’s residence in Brisbane, I was able to speak directly to the meeting and it was decided to hold this conference in early September 2018. I have emailed the contact person from AFGW, in order for ongoing information sharing for the planning of this conference.  I will notify the exact dates in early September 2018 when I am advised.  I have stated that perhaps some of our Gold Coast members would be willing to billet AFGW members to cut costs, should both our members and their members wish to avail themselves of this option.

Immediate Past President, Awards Officer and CIR (Co-ordinator for International Relations) and FFI (Fellowship Fund Inc)  committee member Carole Crowther – as a passionate advocate for education here on the Gold Coast –  has generously offered to write this history being one of the founding members of the Gold Coast Branch.

This project is also a huge commitment of time and effort and on behalf of the Branch we sincerely  thank her.

3. Introduction of new membership and membership renewal process for Gold Coast branch and Sub Branch at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus 2017-2018

In light of the expanding membership base following the launch of our new sub branch, and following discussions with Graduate Women Q’ld Inc Membership Secretary and Gold Coast Branch member Del Doherty,  it has been decided to introduce a changed process for new membership and renewal membership process starting 2017-2018.

This decision has been made as Del states there is no structure in place to manage the advent of sub branches being formed for accounting purposes.  In addition with the advent of rapid technology changes and practices there needs to be a easily managed and transparent structure in place so any Gold Coast committee member may step in and manage the process.   As we are a not for profit, and  entirely voluntary organisation  whose members  may be absent for various reasons, it is imperative that a process be implemented on 2 fronts beginning the 2017-2018 year – first involves the  payment and receipting process, and second is the accounting and record keeping process for  each individual member.


  • Every member will received an individual notification of membership dues which will be emailed to them on 1st June 2017 and payable by 1st July 2017.
  • Present members will then fill out a membership renewal form 2017-2018 which will be located on the Gold Coast Branch web site and clearly states at the top of this form that it is the Gold Coast Branch one.  (The renewal fee includes $80 which is the GWI/AFGW component +$10 Gold Coast Branch capitation fee i.e. $90 plus any optional extras as outlined on form).   On this form we just need to know any contact changes(? New email, mobile or changes of address) or new qualifications obtained, or honours bestowed in order to update  our records.
  • Entire payment is made into our Gold Coast Heritage Bank A/c (our treasurer then deducts our $10 capitation fee for our bursuries) then deposits the rest into the Graduate Women Q’ld Inc Bank Account

(for the Q’ld Membership Secretary who  in turn forwards to our national body (who then forwards to our international body).

  • Once deposited into our Gold Coast Heritage Bank Account (our banking details will be on new forms) a receipt will be emailed for your records by our Gold Coast Branch.


This process will be finalized during April 2017.

(4)  Details of our Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus Sub Branch Seminar on 20/4/2017

Under our SCUGC heading calendar of events April 2017 – please click on “Fiona Russo Flyer” (rsvp by 17/4/2017  to the designated  email.

Should members wish to attend please email me in order to co-ordinate car pooling arrangements as I will be attending –( good opportunity to be informed regarding the roll out of the NDIS) National Disability Insurance Scheme).

(5)  Details of Friday Philosophy Group to replace Friday Research Group

Date:  First Friday in the month   commencing Friday 7th April 2017

Time:  10am

Venue: Co-ordinator is Vivienne at Labrador    0404 379 487

(6)  Current Awards Matters; Carole Crowther – Awards Officer –  see Gold Coast Web Site – nominations  close 31/3/2017

(7)  Current project matters – Still no word from the Q’ld State Government on a venue for introduction of the ASEPT  programme. (Australian School Education for Parenting Teenagers) a proposal by Graduate Women Q’ld Inc (Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell).

(8)  Fund raising matters

(a)  No word yet regarding our  Gold Coast  Branch’s  request to our Heritage Bank  to add   a public donation heading  within  our Branch web site.

(b)  Pursuing idea of Branch taking raffle tickets for Community Fund e.g.(for every  $4 spent on a   raffle ticket the  branch gets $2) – had a meeting arranged with Gold Coast Suns community manager but due to bereavement in his family couldn’t make the appointment – waiting to hear back from him.

(c) I applied on behalf of the branch for an International Woman’s Day $3000 grant which was unfortunately not successful( as I never received a reply one way or the other).

(d) Are there any budding grant writers out there?

(9)  Welcome to our new/pending members

  • Sue Graham (from MCCGC)
  • Suzanne McLeod SCUGC sub branch
  • Ro Moungros


(10)  Gold Coast Member Daphne Buckley       OBE   – Congratulations

Life Member of Graduate Women Q’ld Inc and now Emerita of Australian Federation Graduate Women (only 3rd member to have received this prestigious honour)

I have sent a congratulatory card on behalf of us all.

Kind regards to you all.

Rosemary Power (President) GWQ Inc (Gold Coast Branch)



From your President Rosemary Power……………………

In this issue:-

  • Updates on all GWQGC Branch and Sub Branch GWQGC (Southern Cross University – Gold Coast Campus) matters.

Happy 2017 to  you all,  including  your families, and may it prove to be a healthy and fulfilling one.

A big thank you to you all for your generosity in supplying Christmas gifts for the disadvantaged and homeless women and their families at our Christmas Party.  As a volunteer and board member of the Surfers Paradise Anglican Crises Care Centre the next day I delivered the items where they were included in Christmas Hampers.

The longer I am in the President’s role – the more I am aware of the crucial role that our organization plays in our Gold Coast community.

2016 was a year of profound changes on the world stage.  Ongoing terrorist attacks, the Brexit vote and the US Presidential outcome as well as our home grown tragedies here in Australia and in our Gold Coast region has  left our community feeling fearful, anxious and insecure.

I have come to realise that belonging to our voluntary organization of Graduate Women here on the Gold Coast serves a multitude of benefits to members and others, not only in the realm of supporting, ,promoting, and fund raising for  women and girls education, but most importantly provides us all with a sense of community, a sense of connectedness,  friendship,  and mutual  support. Intellectual stimulation is provided in abundance and I for one am deeply appreciative for this.

Last Friday 3/2/17, the first committee meeting of GWQ Inc was held at President Dr Mary Crawford’s apartment in Brisbane, and our Gold Coast first committee meeting for the year followed on the next day, so it is timely that I touch base with you all to let you know what’s planned for 2017.

Thanks to our Branch Immediate Past President, CIR (Co-ordinator for International Relations) and awards officer Carole Crowther, we have all been kept up to date on important governance matters concerning both our national and international bodies.  A further teleconference between GWQ Inc and AFGW (our national body) will be held in early March.

2017 Calendar of Events for both Branch and Sub Branch.

NB GWQGC 2017 password ………………………………………2017gold

Both calendars have been posted onto our web site together with the ADFAS (Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society) – our Carole Crowther is current President (following on from  our member  Sandi Fueloep) as many of our members also  belong to this organization.

Our Sub Branch calendar of events is under its separate heading on our web site. A current FFI (Fellowship Fund

Inc (a sub branch of GWQ Inc) bursary holder and former SCUGC student Fiona Russo now studying for her doctorate at University of Southern Q’ld will be the keynote speaker at the sub branch’s GC campus on Thursday 20th April at 7pm Q’ld time. She will be speaking about her qualitative research regarding the imminent rollout of the NDIS enabling parents to navigate the health, education and social service systems for best outcomes for their children.  Watch out for the flyer! (Transport will be arranged by our Branch).

For ease of management of our web site, you will be sent a flyer prior to events by our social committee via email and this flyer may also be accessed via the web site by clicking onto the relevant section monthly/weekly area.

This arrangement works well, given that we are all volunteers and allows for “wiggle room” for the social committee and web site   member to organize and advertise the wonderful events for us all to enjoy.

The guest speaker for our legendary International Women’s Day Breakfast this year(Wednesday 8/3/2017 8 for 8.30am start)  is Sue Graham the CEO of MCCGC (Multi Cultural Community Gold Coast). (Watch out for the flyer).

Our Branch book, which so many of our members have contributed to “Determination and Opportunity – The Making of an Educated Woman” will be launched at the IWD Breakfast.

Copies will be available for $30 per copy – so please bring along your money on the day and get your autographed copy.

Currently there are arrangements being made for a visit to Gilmore Brothers Space Corporation at Pimpama. (Yes as in NASA type space exploration simulators,  robotics and drone technology and teaching centre).    I was rung up by this Corporation (found in  the Gold Coast Community Directory) and given an outline of their background and advised that school students and uni engineering students study there.  Currently there are only all male engineering students and not one female which of course is where we come in.  So watch for further developments.

Our Vice President Assistant Professor Aileen Pidgeon from Bond University is now on the social committee working with Margaret Hamilton.  At  last Saturday’s branch committee meeting there was a very lively discussion on ideas for seminars and Margaret invited any ideas comments from members please.

Also GWQ President Dr Mary Crawford has extended an invitation to attend  a keynote address in Brisbane and be updated re the Gonski Report, Tuesday 14/2/2017 9.30am-12.30pm at Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane. RSVP 10/2/2017 see flyer.

All in all a very full interesting and diverse attraction of great events to look forward to.

(As always please advise me via email if you would like transport to attend any of our events or functions).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank retiring Social Committee member Carole Byron for her selfless contributions over the years to help make our events so memorable.  Carole, whilst  remaining a Branch Member  will be actively pursuing other avenues of interest this year.  Enjoy!

Current Awards Matters

Please see our web site for updates.  2 of  $1500 each FFI awards close on 31/3/2017 (there will not be any more funds available from FFI in the future) due to the loss of gowning funding from University of Q’ld.

I have applied for a Q’ld Government $3000 grant in conjunction with International Women’s Day and to date have had no reply.

(Should any member be interested in becoming our Branch grants officer please contact me as this is an important source of ongoing funding for our bursuries in the future).

I will be presenting our Bond University “Sybil A M Vise Award” on

Friday 10/2/17 (2 recipients this year – each to receive $100 cheque) Monique Bremmer and Elisabeth Eldridge and I will be inviting them both, together with our Grifffith Isobel Taylor Award winner Richelle Smith to both our International Women’s Day Breakfast and World Environment Day Dinners.  I will also be asking them to join our organization.

Project Matters.

We still have had no word from the Q’ld Government regarding our request for the ASEPT (Australian Secondary Educational Parenting Teenage) programme for 3 rooms at the old TAFE Ridgeway Campus site,  to conduct this programme in conjunction with other stake holders here on the Gold Coast.

Fund Raising Matters.

Treasurer Di Chetham and myself will be approaching our branch’s Heritage Bank to see if we can add their Heritage Bank version of “pay pal” to our web site.  In that way anybody can make donations direct to fund future Gold Coast Branch bursaries.  This move has been approved by our parent body GWQ Inc at their Feb 2017 meeting, 2 lawyers were present and this does not contravene any constitutional or legal goverance of our organization.  This would allow members of the public to donate to our bursaries however they would not be able to claim tax.

Also it may be a workable way for members to bequeath our Branch funds for a trust to be set up in their name in perpetuity. (This has eventuated by the set up known as the Sybil A M Vise Award by her family in her honor.  All ongoing fund raising  ideas I believe need to be explored and acted upon to ensure our viability in the future.

Sundry Matters

Bev Hinze, the President of our sister branch organization on the Sunshine Coast and myself have liased and agreed to share our branch newsletters – the cross fertilization of ideas will prove beneficial to us both, especially in the areas of membership record keeping and fund raising matters.

I look forward to catching up with you all this year at our functions and please feel free to email me with any thoughts and ideas on how we may better serve our members.

Kind regards