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                                   JUNE-JULY-AUGUST 2017  PRESIDENT’S BULLETIN    (NB GWQGC 2017 web password is 2017gold)

From your President                 Rosemary Power………………………….

In this issue:-

Updates on:-

Successful launch of  Part 1 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018) celebrations – member bio book “Determination and opportunity the making of an educated woman”.

  • Launch planning of  Part 2 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018) celebrations – our Branch History.
  • Rollout of our Branch new membership application and membership renewal process for 2017-2018
  • Committee of Management vacancies to be filled at our AGM Sunday 24/9/2017
  • Forward planning of our Branch calendar for 2017-2018 by your Branch Management Committee.
  • Award matters.
  • Upcoming social events.__
  • Sundry items


  1. Good news – we have broken even regarding the cost of printing the initial 100 copies of our book, therefore every $ spent by members in future until the remaining  copies are sold, will go direct into our education fund for bursaries.

At our Branch’s last committee meeting held at my place on Saturday 27/5/2017, a decision was made regarding the cost to members wishing to  buy  our book.

1st copy  bought is                          $30
2nd copy       “                                      $25
3rd or more copies                                  $20

  1. Immediate Past President, Co-Ordinator for International Relations, and Awards Officer Carole Crowther is kindly undertaking to manage this mammoth task (to be launched in September 2018).
  2. From the 1st July 2017 – our Branch will take over all aspects of new Membership Applications and Membership Renewals.  These new forms will be uploaded onto our web site on 1st July – you will be informed via email close to this date (to ensure that we have a smooth transition to commence our new financial year).

Our Gold Coast Branch Membership Committee –
Margaret Prentice – Honorary Membership Registrar
Di Chetham           – Honorary Treasurer
Rosemary Power   – current President.

  1. Please give some thought to serving on our Branch Committee of Management (our AGM is Sunday 24/9/2017 (2pm) at the Southport Community Centre).  The yearly calendar of meetings is not onerous – , October,February, May and August – meetings are at my place on a Saturday morning at 10am -12md followed by sandwiches/hot pot should members wish to eat and go onto Saturday afternoon activities.  We are looking to fill the following positions:  Honorary Secretary, Assistant Hon Treasurer.  Social Committee, Social Media Liason (we are now on the GWI social media platform) Grants Writer( and on our  general committee).   The strength of our Branch lies in the many and varied diversification of our skills and backgrounds. Please contact me for further details should you be interested – we would love to have you join us.

5. Over the next few months, Vice President Aileen Pidgeon, together with your Committee of Management, is planning some really exciting programmes incorporating the themes of connectedness, mindfulness health and well being for us all.  When finalized, these events will be publicized on our web site in the usual manner( by way of a flyer ) attached to our calendar of events, and an email will also be forwarded to members.


These events will be in addition  to our usual social programme.

6.  Our FFI (Fellowships Fund Inc) Award Winner for 2017 is Eloise Stephenson (a Doctoral student from Griffith University Gold Coast campus) who delighted us all as guest speaker on the theme “Connecting people to nature”  at our Branch World Environment Day dinner at The Southport Golf Club on Thursday 8/6/2017.

7. Our next event is our ever popular “Brunch at Bumbles” – on Sunday 16th July 8 for 8.30am (Margaret Hamilton our Social Convenor is distributing the flyer and this will be posted on our web site within the next few days).

Our theatre function is yet to be arranged.

Our ever popular Christmas Function is pre booked at the Palmer Colonial for Monday 4th December 2017



8.       (A)      Reminder – please contact  (text please) Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell on (m) 0404 379 487 if interested in attending meetings to be held at her place at  Labrador on the first Friday of the month at 10am. (Next meeting is Friday 7th July 2017). Maybe you have a strong interest in  a current affairs  issue which you believe a collective response from members may be publicized.

(B)      In regard to organizing  our  formal dinner functions, we have to advise venues of our final numbers in advance and pay for that number of meals  in order to meet our booking obligations.    If for some unforeseen reason a member is unable to attend on the night,  we are obliged to pay for that meal. (We are very lucky with some venues in that we don’t have to pay for the additional cost of hiring the venue). Therefore after a function, and the banking is being collated, a member may be contacted to request they  kindly pay for the meal.   This policy has been in place for a number of years  and I will now formalize it by uploading it onto  our web site in conjunction with  our social media guidelines.

As a former (and at times stepping into the role whilst our present Hon Treasurer Di Chetham is away)  Hon Treasurer Gold Coast Branch, I am very aware that this approach is necessary as this is  how we raise bursary funds by adding a small amount charged by the venue in order to make a modest profit on the night.

I thank members for their understanding regarding this matter.

(C)       Member Kate James  advises that should members wish to undertake a 5 week free MOOC (massive open online course) “Preventing  Dementia” provided by the University of Tasmania the link is


(D)      Unfortunately it is not possible for the Gilmore Spacecorp  at Pimpama to be visited by us, due to their present set up.

Kind regards,   and I look forward to a jolly good chat and catchup with you all at “Bumbles Brunch”.

Rosemary Power (President) GWQGC







MARCH-MAY 2017       PRESIDENT’S BULLETIN        (NB GWQGC  2017 password is  2017gold)

From your President     Rosemary Power……………………………

In this issue:-

Updates on:-

  1. Launch of Part 1 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018) celebrations – launch of our members Biography Book.
  2. Launch of Part 2 of our Branch’s 40th year (2018 celebrations – launch of our Branch History.
  3. Introduction of Branch new membership application and membership renewal process for 2017-2018
  4. Details of our sub branch Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus seminar on 20/4/2017
  5. Details of Friday Philosophy Group to replace Friday Research Group
  6. Current Awards Matters
  7. Project Matters
  8. Fund Raising Matters
  9. Welcome to New /Pending Members
  10. Gold Coast Member Daphne Buckley – congratulations


1. Launch of our Branch Biography Book “Determination and opportunity – the making of an educated woman” was enjoyed by all present at our International Woman’s Day breakfast held at The Southport Golf Club on Wednesday 8/3/2017.  Our guest speaker was Sue Graham the CEO of MCCGC (Multicultural Communities Gold Coast).  On behalf of all of our members, we thank Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell (and her family) for the mammoth task of formatting this publication consisting of some 44 of our members’ biographies, despite daunting setbacks of health and technology challenges. As a fitting tribute to this milestone being achieved all  Branch members collectively stood, cheered and raised our glasses to launch this book – as it is our stories  of past and present members who have had significant impact on Gold Coast Community Life for the past 40 years.

Vivienne who is the Education Co-Ordinator for Q’ld for AFGW, and Gold Coast Committee Member),  presented Sue Graham with a signed copy to thank her for being our guest speaker who  informed  us so well regarding her organization.  She will be joining our Branch as a member.

Thank you also to members Joan Jennings and family, and also to Marion R Jones for their editing input as part of the small committee, and as the current President my role was to co-ordinate the project into fruition.

Regarding the costing of this publication – our Branch executive approved of the $188 of Branch funds  spent to obtain publishing rights (i.e. ISBNs- the global standard for identifying titles – each version of a book, print or digital requires its own ISBN).  Also 3 quotes were obtained from various printers and the committee decision was to choose Snap Printing Southport who already had the art work after printing our Branch advertising cards (which is now  printed on the back of our book.).

Following discussion at our last Branch committee meeting held on 4/2/2017, Vivienne generously advised she would pay for the printing costs for 100 copies i.e. $1490 – and the committee decided to charge $30 per copy.  Thus when the Branch reimburses Vivienne for her outlay -the surplus will be used for bursaries.


For members who were unable to attend our International Women’s Day Breakfast the following arrangements have been made to obtain a copy.

  • Cost is $30 per copy Please email me at rosemaryjp@poweretailing.com.au if requesting a copy/copies as I have all books stored at my place.
  • Payment may be made by direct debit into Gold Coast’s Branch’s Heritage Bank Account

BSB: 638-070    Account Number: 6997201 with your initials+,bio book.  A receipt will be emailed back to you for your records.         OR

Should you wish to have a copy posted to you please add $3.55 (i.e. $33.55 to include postage and a receipt will be inserted into the book.          OR

Post a cheque to Treasurer GWQGC C/- P O Box 1150 Southport BC Southport Q 4215 – a receipt will be emailed for your records.          OR

You may wish to physically pick up a copy from me at home – please text  my mobile  0414 305 893

to arrange payment and pick up (again  a receipt will be issued for your records).

  • A copy of our publication has been posted to our sister Branch at the Sunshine Coast who gifted us a copy of their second publication of “An Educated Woman” which was the catalyst in showing us the way to accomplish the feat of producing our own unique version.
  • So get ready to be “moved, uplifted and inspired” when you get to read our book.


2. Launch of Part 2 – Branch History Launch of our 40th year (2018) celebrations

As part of our 40th year 2018 celebrations, our Branch has offered to host the AFGW triennial conference here on the Gold Coast.

At the teleconference held on 4/3/2017 at Q’ld President Mary Crawford’s residence in Brisbane, I was able to speak directly to the meeting and it was decided to hold this conference in early September 2018. I have emailed the contact person from AFGW, in order for ongoing information sharing for the planning of this conference.  I will notify the exact dates in early September 2018 when I am advised.  I have stated that perhaps some of our Gold Coast members would be willing to billet AFGW members to cut costs, should both our members and their members wish to avail themselves of this option.

Immediate Past President, Awards Officer and CIR (Co-ordinator for International Relations) and FFI (Fellowship Fund Inc)  committee member Carole Crowther – as a passionate advocate for education here on the Gold Coast –  has generously offered to write this history being one of the founding members of the Gold Coast Branch.

This project is also a huge commitment of time and effort and on behalf of the Branch we sincerely  thank her.


3. Introduction of new membership and membership renewal process for Gold Coast branch and Sub Branch at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus 2017-2018

In light of the expanding membership base following the launch of our new sub branch, and following discussions with Graduate Women Q’ld Inc Membership Secretary and Gold Coast Branch member Del Doherty,  it has been decided to introduce a changed process for new membership and renewal membership process starting 2017-2018.

This decision has been made as Del states there is no structure in place to manage the advent of sub branches being formed for accounting purposes.  In addition with the advent of rapid technology changes and practices there needs to be a easily managed and transparent structure in place so any Gold Coast committee member may step in and manage the process.   As we are a not for profit, and  entirely voluntary organisation  whose members  may be absent for various reasons, it is imperative that a process be implemented on 2 fronts beginning the 2017-2018 year – first involves the  payment and receipting process, and second is the accounting and record keeping process for  each individual member.


  • Every member will received an individual notification of membership dues which will be emailed to them on 1st June 2017 and payable by 1st July 2017.
  • Present members will then fill out a membership renewal form 2017-2018 which will be located on the Gold Coast Branch web site and clearly states at the top of this form that it is the Gold Coast Branch one.  (The renewal fee includes $80 which is the GWI/AFGW component +$10 Gold Coast Branch capitation fee i.e. $90 plus any optional extras as outlined on form).   On this form we just need to know any contact changes(? New email, mobile or changes of address) or new qualifications obtained, or honours bestowed in order to update  our records.
  • Entire payment is made into our Gold Coast Heritage Bank A/c (our treasurer then deducts our $10 capitation fee for our bursuries) then deposits the rest into the Graduate Women Q’ld Inc Bank Account

(for the Q’ld Membership Secretary who  in turn forwards to our national body (who then forwards to our international body).

  • Once deposited into our Gold Coast Heritage Bank Account (our banking details will be on new forms) a receipt will be emailed for your records by our Gold Coast Branch.


This process will be finalized during April 2017.


(4)  Details of our Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus Sub Branch Seminar on 20/4/2017

Under our SCUGC heading calendar of events April 2017 – please click on “Fiona Russo Flyer” (rsvp by 17/4/2017  to the designated  email.

Should members wish to attend please email me in order to co-ordinate car pooling arrangements as I will be attending –( good opportunity to be informed regarding the roll out of the NDIS) National Disability Insurance Scheme).


(5)  Details of Friday Philosophy Group to replace Friday Research Group

Date:  First Friday in the month   commencing Friday 7th April 2017

Time:  10am

Venue: Co-ordinator is Vivienne at Labrador    0404 379 487


(6)  Current Awards Matters; Carole Crowther – Awards Officer –  see Gold Coast Web Site – nominations  close 31/3/2017


(7)  Current project matters – Still no word from the Q’ld State Government on a venue for introduction of the ASEPT  programme. (Australian School Education for Parenting Teenagers) a proposal by Graduate Women Q’ld Inc (Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell).


(8)  Fund raising matters

(a)  No word yet regarding our  Gold Coast  Branch’s  request to our Heritage Bank  to add   a public donation heading  within  our Branch web site.

(b)  Pursuing idea of Branch taking raffle tickets for Community Fund e.g.(for every  $4 spent on a   raffle ticket the  branch gets $2) – had a meeting arranged with Gold Coast Suns community manager but due to bereavement in his family couldn’t make the appointment – waiting to hear back from him.

(c) I applied on behalf of the branch for an International Woman’s Day $3000 grant which was unfortunately not successful( as I never received a reply one way or the other).

(d) Are there any budding grant writers out there?


(9)  Welcome to our new/pending members

  • Sue Graham (from MCCGC)
  • Suzanne McLeod SCUGC sub branch
  • Ro Moungros


(10)  Gold Coast Member Daphne Buckley       OBE   – Congratulations

Life Member of Graduate Women Q’ld Inc and now Emerita of Australian Federation Graduate Women (only 3rd member to have received this prestigious honour)

I have sent a congratulatory card on behalf of us all.

Kind regards to you all.

Rosemary Power (President) GWQ Inc (Gold Coast Branch)

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From your President Rosemary Power……………………

In this issue:-

  • Updates on all GWQGC Branch and Sub Branch GWQGC (Southern Cross University – Gold Coast Campus) matters.

Happy 2017 to  you all,  including  your families, and may it prove to be a healthy and fulfilling one.

A big thank you to you all for your generosity in supplying Christmas gifts for the disadvantaged and homeless women and their families at our Christmas Party.  As a volunteer and board member of the Surfers Paradise Anglican Crises Care Centre the next day I delivered the items where they were included in Christmas Hampers.

The longer I am in the President’s role – the more I am aware of the crucial role that our organization plays in our Gold Coast community.

2016 was a year of profound changes on the world stage.  Ongoing terrorist attacks, the Brexit vote and the US Presidential outcome as well as our home grown tragedies here in Australia and in our Gold Coast region has  left our community feeling fearful, anxious and insecure.

I have come to realise that belonging to our voluntary organization of Graduate Women here on the Gold Coast serves a multitude of benefits to members and others, not only in the realm of supporting, ,promoting, and fund raising for  women and girls education, but most importantly provides us all with a sense of community, a sense of connectedness,  friendship,  and mutual  support. Intellectual stimulation is provided in abundance and I for one am deeply appreciative for this.

Last Friday 3/2/17, the first committee meeting of GWQ Inc was held at President Dr Mary Crawford’s apartment in Brisbane, and our Gold Coast first committee meeting for the year followed on the next day, so it is timely that I touch base with you all to let you know what’s planned for 2017.

Thanks to our Branch Immediate Past President, CIR (Co-ordinator for International Relations) and awards officer Carole Crowther, we have all been kept up to date on important governance matters concerning both our national and international bodies.  A further teleconference between GWQ Inc and AFGW (our national body) will be held in early March.

2017 Calendar of Events for both Branch and Sub Branch.

NB GWQGC 2017 password ………………………………………2017gold

Both calendars have been posted onto our web site together with the ADFAS (Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society) – our Carole Crowther is current President (following on from  our member  Sandi Fueloep) as many of our members also  belong to this organization.

Our Sub Branch calendar of events is under its separate heading on our web site. A current FFI (Fellowship Fund

Inc (a sub branch of GWQ Inc) bursary holder and former SCUGC student Fiona Russo now studying for her doctorate at University of Southern Q’ld will be the keynote speaker at the sub branch’s GC campus on Thursday 20th April at 7pm Q’ld time. She will be speaking about her qualitative research regarding the imminent rollout of the NDIS enabling parents to navigate the health, education and social service systems for best outcomes for their children.  Watch out for the flyer! (Transport will be arranged by our Branch).

For ease of management of our web site, you will be sent a flyer prior to events by our social committee via email and this flyer may also be accessed via the web site by clicking onto the relevant section monthly/weekly area.

This arrangement works well, given that we are all volunteers and allows for “wiggle room” for the social committee and web site   member to organize and advertise the wonderful events for us all to enjoy.

The guest speaker for our legendary International Women’s Day Breakfast this year(Wednesday 8/3/2017 8 for 8.30am start)  is Sue Graham the CEO of MCCGC (Multi Cultural Community Gold Coast). (Watch out for the flyer).

Our Branch book, which so many of our members have contributed to “Determination and Opportunity – The Making of an Educated Woman” will be launched at the IWD Breakfast.

Copies will be available for $30 per copy – so please bring along your money on the day and get your autographed copy.

Currently there are arrangements being made for a visit to Gilmore Brothers Space Corporation at Pimpama. (Yes as in NASA type space exploration simulators,  robotics and drone technology and teaching centre).    I was rung up by this Corporation (found in  the Gold Coast Community Directory) and given an outline of their background and advised that school students and uni engineering students study there.  Currently there are only all male engineering students and not one female which of course is where we come in.  So watch for further developments.

Our Vice President Assistant Professor Aileen Pidgeon from Bond University is now on the social committee working with Margaret Hamilton.  At  last Saturday’s branch committee meeting there was a very lively discussion on ideas for seminars and Margaret invited any ideas comments from members please.

Also GWQ President Dr Mary Crawford has extended an invitation to attend  a keynote address in Brisbane and be updated re the Gonski Report, Tuesday 14/2/2017 9.30am-12.30pm at Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane. RSVP 10/2/2017 see flyer.

All in all a very full interesting and diverse attraction of great events to look forward to.

(As always please advise me via email if you would like transport to attend any of our events or functions).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank retiring Social Committee member Carole Byron for her selfless contributions over the years to help make our events so memorable.  Carole, whilst  remaining a Branch Member  will be actively pursuing other avenues of interest this year.  Enjoy!

Current Awards Matters

Please see our web site for updates.  2 of  $1500 each FFI awards close on 31/3/2017 (there will not be any more funds available from FFI in the future) due to the loss of gowning funding from University of Q’ld.

I have applied for a Q’ld Government $3000 grant in conjunction with International Women’s Day and to date have had no reply.

(Should any member be interested in becoming our Branch grants officer please contact me as this is an important source of ongoing funding for our bursuries in the future).

I will be presenting our Bond University “Sybil A M Vise Award” on

Friday 10/2/17 (2 recipients this year – each to receive $100 cheque) Monique Bremmer and Elisabeth Eldridge and I will be inviting them both, together with our Grifffith Isobel Taylor Award winner Richelle Smith to both our International Women’s Day Breakfast and World Environment Day Dinners.  I will also be asking them to join our organization.

Project Matters.

We still have had no word from the Q’ld Government regarding our request for the ASEPT (Australian Secondary Educational Parenting Teenage) programme for 3 rooms at the old TAFE Ridgeway Campus site,  to conduct this programme in conjunction with other stake holders here on the Gold Coast.

Fund Raising Matters.

Treasurer Di Chetham and myself will be approaching our branch’s Heritage Bank to see if we can add their Heritage Bank version of “pay pal” to our web site.  In that way anybody can make donations direct to fund future Gold Coast Branch bursaries.  This move has been approved by our parent body GWQ Inc at their Feb 2017 meeting, 2 lawyers were present and this does not contravene any constitutional or legal goverance of our organization.  This would allow members of the public to donate to our bursaries however they would not be able to claim tax.

Also it may be a workable way for members to bequeath our Branch funds for a trust to be set up in their name in perpetuity. (This has eventuated by the set up known as the Sybil A M Vise Award by her family in her honor.  All ongoing fund raising  ideas I believe need to be explored and acted upon to ensure our viability in the future.

Sundry Matters

Bev Hinze, the President of our sister branch organization on the Sunshine Coast and myself have liased and agreed to share our branch newsletters – the cross fertilization of ideas will prove beneficial to us both, especially in the areas of membership record keeping and fund raising matters.

I look forward to catching up with you all this year at our functions and please feel free to email me with any thoughts and ideas on how we may better serve our members.

Kind regards




PO BOX 1150
Q 4215


From your President Rosemary Power………………..

Following our AGM on Sunday 25th September 2016,(apologies for not posting the 2015 AGM Minutes and nomination forms onto our web site – simply ran out of time as announced in last August/September President’s Bulletin)  I wish to advise you of your Committee for 2016-2017.

(The first committee meeting was held at my place on Saturday 8th October 2016).

I extend a very warm welcome to all.


President                                                  – Rosemary Power

(3rd year of the traditional three year term)   however, given that 2018 is the Branch’s  40th Year celebrations I will remain President for 2017-2018 and will become Immediate  Past President at the September 2018 AGM).

Vice President                                          – Dr Aileen Pidgeon

Immediate Past President,                        – Carole Crowther


(Co-ordinator for International Relations)

Awards Convenor

Honorary Treasurer                                   – Diane Chetham

Honorary Secretary                                    – Lyn Reynolds

Membership Secretary                               – Margaret Prentice

(and Branch “Buddy”)

Convenor for Southern Cross                     – Lesley Bryant

University( Gold Coast Campus)

Sub Branch of GWQGC

Branch Community Projects                       – Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell ( “ASEPT” programme)

(GWQ Education Convenor)                          (Aust.Secondary Education Parenting Teenagers) + Bio Project

Book Interest Group (BIG)                          – Joan Jennings

Web Site Manager and Media Relations         – Carol Little and daughter Melissa-Jane Loughridge

Social Convenor                                             –  No nominations received

Branch Archivist                                             –  Carole Byron

General Committee Members:                          – Margaret Hamilton, Jennifer Phillips

As our Branch expands I very much value the hard work and support of the above committee members and welcome all ideas and suggestions from any of my fellow Gold Coast members in order to advance our aims and objectives of supporting our Gold Coast women and girls in lifelong education and to use their skills and knowledge for enhancing community life here  on the Gold Coast.


I would like to give a warm welcome to the following new members since my last bulletin:

Our Gold Coast Branch – Dr Miranda Mortlock.

The fledgling Southern Cross University (Gold Coast Campus) Sub Branch of GWQGC( launched on 27/8/16)

Kathryn Meggitt, Silvia Nelson, (and a further member pending).

(NB A reminder that Dr Mary Crawford’s  (Mary is GWQ Inc President)  key note address at this launch may be watched on our web site http:www.graduatewomengoldcoast.org.au under the SCU (Gold Coast Campus) heading.

I will be presenting the inaugural SCU Gold Coast Campus Dr Mary Crawford Bursary for “Community Leadership”  during the next few weeks.

(NB the password for our web site is 2016gold)


At the GWQ Inc AGM  held on Saturday 15/10/2016, the following motions were passed.

“That the capitation fee for the 2017/2018 financial year be $80 in lieu of the current rate of $60”.

“That the capitations paid by STA’s (State and Territory Associations) to AFGW (Australian Federation of Graduate Women) be allocated on the basis of $53.50 for GWI (Graduate Women International) $17.50 for the general fund and $9.00 for the representative fund”.

I, together with Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell attended this AGM. (Vivienne, as GWQ Education Convenor) will be attending the AGM of AFGW in Melbourne on 5/6th November 2016.

Our Branch’s proxy votes (given to me) were duly delivered reflecting members’ wishes on the contentious issue of membership dues.

Our Branch CIR Carole Crowther keeps us all updated especially regarding the outcomes from the GWI Triennial Conference held during August 2016 in Cape Town and  notes  that the proactive stance of the newly elected GWI Board/Committee is positive hope for the future.

As our Branch expands, we are looking at ways (given that we are a not for profit and voluntary organization) to continue to deliver great service to our members in every period of their careers (student,early,mid,late and retirement )   and thus benefiting  the community in which we live.

In this light our branch will be sending out individual membership renewal (subscription)  forms on 1st July every year commencing in 2017.  Also when members join via their  (application) form,  we will capture all relevant

details in order to network new members with our members who share like minded interests. Of course new members will need to give us permission to do so and we are devising ways to do this.  In addition our new system (which is being clarified) of managing and overseeing membership matters (in close liason with GWQ Inc Membership Secretary and Treasurer) will be a source of support to our new and long standing  members when exactly their dues need to be paid.

It may well be that some future members merely join to be  kept in touch with Graduate Women International affairs.

So by way of clarification, membership dues (renewals) will be  due and payable from 1st July (not before this date) as this would interfere with overseas exchange rates in regards to the payment of AFGW to GWI).

If these Gold Coast Branch  dues are not paid by 31st December a member is deemed unfinancial.

GWQ Inc Membership Secretary  forwards dues  to AFGW who in turn pays GWI in January.


Please refer to our web site for closing dates.

I attended the 5th annual “Welcome Walk” for our multicultural community for the first time with the result that I will be meeting with the Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast District CEO Sue Graham on 11/11/2016 to discuss the possibility of perhaps providing bursary monies to our fellow Gold Coast women and girls.

Two of our committee members, Lesley Bryant and Margaret Prentice undertook the walk proudly displaying a banner reading “Welcome to Refugees – Just Like Us”.


“Friday Club” Discussion Group – NEW CHANGE OF VENUE,and DATES

Following changes announced at our GWQGC AGM- please refer to our web site for these. No further meetings until 1st Friday in February 2017.  (Thereafter first Friday in month – February to November 2017).( Sorry for any confusion).


Our  publication ”Determination and Opportunity: The Making of an Educated Woman” (cost is $25)

will be launched at our annual Christmas Party, ( always the first Monday in December) – which is 5/12/2016  at the Palmer Colonial Golf Club, 57 Paradise Springs Ave Robina, 6pm for 6.30pm.

Many thanks to all those members who have contributed their biographies for this publication and many thanks to Vivienne Cowlishaw Shortell’s  generosity in funding the publication  and  also  formatting the book ably assisted by Joan Jennings.

In 2018, this publication, together with our soon to be written “History of GWQ Inc Gold Coast Branch “will celebrate   40 years since the formation of our Branch.


BIG – Book Interest Group end of year function will be held on Thursday 24/11/2016 at Bumbles Restaurant, 19 River Drive Surfers Paradise at 12md. (Though I don’t belong to BIG any more – I don’t have time to read the books given I work part time) I still enjoy going to this function – lively company.  Please contact Joan Jennings BIG Convenor (see contact details on web site) should you wish to go in order for her to organize numbers for catering purposes).

As mentioned above the next big event is our ever popular Christmas Party 5/12/2016.

Watch out for the flyer advertising this event.  Also it has been the custom, instead of giving one another a gift,

that we each bring along a toiletries gift (soap, toothbrush toothpaste, comb or maybe in the form of women’s knickers/sanitary items for the homeless/destitute women and girls who are helped at SPACC (Surfers Paradise Anglican Crises Centre) where I volunteer on the welfare desk and also I am on the board of management of this not for profit organization.

This organization is one of the leading hubs for the primary health network here on the Gold Coast (which funds social workers and ancillary workers etc). SPACC’s  goal is to address the growing problem of homelessness here on the Gold Coast by facilitating housing which has been successfully done in other Australian cities, including Brisbane and of course overseas.

Of course members may wish to contribute to other organizations and please let me know your wishes however I can assure you all that your donations are aimed at grass root levels of helping our fellow women and girls here in our community.

SCU Gold Coast Campus – please watch our web site for any changes to your calendar of events.

For all members please watch our web site for the posting of our 2017 calendar of events.

Kind regards to all my fellow GWQGC members.

Hope to see you all before Christmas at our functions.

Rosemary Power (President) GWQGC





PO BOX 1150
Q 4215


From your President Rosemary Power……………….

In this issue:-

  • Membership dues reminder – due 1st July 2016
  • Web matters update
  • ASEPT (Australian Secondary Education Parenting Teenagers) project update
  • Bio Project update
  • GWQGC 3 Gold Coast Universities Sub Branches formation update.
  • Scholarships/Awards programme update
  • GWQGC Branch Web Site Research Corner “Friday Club” Discussion Group
  • Future Branch events (including our AGM Sunday 25/9/2016)

Membership dues reminder – due 1st July 2016

Please refer to the 2016-2017 membership renewal form on our GWQGC web site.(Click on “Join Us” – 3rd  top heading from left – last paragraph click on  “GWQ Membership Renewal 2016-2017 (and click on word document at bottom of screen).

Web Matters Update       http:www.graduatewomengoldcoast.org.au

A very big thank you to our Web Master Carol Little and her daughter Melissa (who has graciously updated our site whilst her mother has been overseas). Our web site has undergone an upgrade to allow for easier navigation, with links to our other relevant sites on the right hand side of every page.  Across the top of our site are the following headings from left to right. (On your personal computer).

Welcome, About Us, Join Us, Events, Interest Groups, Scholarships News and Members.

(If you are accessing our site on an ipad click on the small 3 parallel lines in the middle of the top dark blue bands and this will list the  headings in descending order so you can also navigate easily around the site).

“Join Us” – “click here”. GWQ membership renewal 2016-2017 is located here. (as above)

“Events” –“ recent” is facebook posting site.

Under recent events is “special events” and to the right is the Southern Cross University Sub-Branch Launch.

Left click on Southern Cross University Sub Branch Launch .You may also click here for the free tickets and to RSVP through” Event Brite “ (in order to know the numbers attending so we may cater accordingly).

There are 2 flyers

Left click onto SCU flyer,SCU staff students, alumni

Left click onto SCU flyer OPEN TO EVERYONE – invitation to members, guests and general public.

NB The calendar for events for the rest of 2016 from August 2016  is listed. (The calendar of events for the new sub branch will be posted shortly).

Following consultation, it was decided that the SCU may wish to know the backgrounds of the 3 speakers at the launch, therefore the bios of our member and co-ordinator of the new sub branch at SCU Lesley Bryant, Dr Mary Crawford President of GWQ (after whom the inaugural and soon to be awarded “Dr Mary Crawford Community Leadership Award”)  and myself as current President of the branch, have  been added.

Under Interest Groups is our book club and our bio project update and next is our scholarships information.  The updated awards information will be posted shortly here.

Under “news” also contains our research corner.

Under “members”section on the  far right  is our social media guidelines as we are now on Facebook.  There are 2 administrators of this section – Kate James (who kindly formatted the flyers for the launch) and myself (closed or private members only site this is being upgraded with access via pin).   Kate has kindly offered to run a mini seminar about Facebook should members wish to avail themselves of this help.  Please advise me if interested and we may hire a room at a public library as an activity (as I certainly need to become knowledgeable about this platform in order to engage with younger members).

Following the launch finger food will be available in a break out area adjacent to the auditorium – in order to mingle and get to know the attendees.

Car pooling is available on the day of the launch – please email me in order for us to co-ordinate our numbers.

ASEPT project.  Our branch has not received any word as to the government decision on the Ridgeway Ave Southport submission.

BIO project.  The Branch is hoping to launch our book at the Christmas Party on Monday 5/12/2016.

GWQGC 3 Gold Coast Universities Sub Branches formation update (see above re launch at SCU Gold Coast Campus)

Scholarships/Awards programme update – this update will be posted shortly to the site.

GWQGC Branch Web Site Research corner “Friday Club” Discussion Group topic will be posted shortly for Friday 26/8/2016.  Remember, even if you are unable to attend you can still download a copy of the paper for your interest – I find them very informative and thought provoking.


Future Branch events –

  • The Red Zone outing at Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) on Thursday 18/8/2016 at 11am ( see flyer for details).
  • Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus Sub Branch Launch Saturday 27/8/2016 11am (see flyer for details).
  • Book Club (check web site for dates and times).
  • Friday Club Research Corner discussion group last Friday in the month August 26th 2pm my place – 10 Chester Terrace Southport – just turn up if you wish.
  • President’s Picnic in the Park (at Currumbin Beach from 12 mid-2pm Sunday 4/9/2016 as an inaugural “get to know you” for the newly formed sub branch at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus.(Car pooling available – please let me know.
  • GWQGC AGM Sunday 25th 2016 Southport Community Centre 2pm ?guest speaker?video of SCU Launch tba – don’t forget there is always a sumptuous high tea provided by the committee for your enjoyment.  Minutes of 2015 AGM minutes and nomination forms will be posted onto our web site in due course. Please let me know if you are planning on coming to our AGM YOU WILL NEED A PARKING PERMIT SHOULD YOU PARK IN THE SOUTHPORT COMMUNITY CENTRE PRECINCT.

Kind regards to you all (and please publicise the SCU GC campus launch widely).

Thank you.

Rosemary Power (President )